Last updated: 2017-10-17

IDProperty NameProperty LocationPrice for saleBuiltup SizeProperty Remarks
243233 STOREY SHOPHOUSEAir Itam22x70 2nd flr office for rent.
76455THE GALLERYBatu LanchangRM 300,0001,100 SFOffice lot at Batu Lanchang, easy access to various location.
66561D'PIAZZA MALLBayan Baru860 SF
66562D'PIAZZA MALLBayan Baru860 SFface main road
64350D'PIAZZA MALLBayan Baru320 SFfew units available
53908ONE PRECINCTBayan Baru719 SFone precinct shoplot.
53104ONE PRECINCTBayan Baru430 SFone precinct new office building.
53695ONE PRECINCTBayan BaruRM 880,000666 SFprime shoplot gronnd flr unit. oc obtained in 2012.
71658QUARTERMILEBayan BaruRM 2,600,0004,700 SFquatermile 3-storey shophouse. carpark lot included in the SPA.
64326SUNTECHBayan BaruRM 1,100,000726 SFprime location at bayan baru for retail business.
74537SUNTECHBayan BaruRM 418,000462 SF
62773SUNTECHBayan BaruRM 330,000459 SF
76022SUNTECHBayan BaruRM 480,000475 SFMSC status office at Bayan Baru for sale.
75997THE PROMENADEBayan BaruRM 668,0001,111 SF1 car park
75034THE PROMENADEBayan BaruRM 1,429,0005,714 SFBig office or commercial space at Bayan Baru for sale.
73942BAYAN POINTBayan LepasRM 360,0001,077 SF2nd floor office with partition, meeting room, 5 aircons.
74989KRYSTAL POINTBayan LepasRM 380,0001,030 SF
41947KRYSTAL POINTBayan LepasRM 620,0001,910 SFKrystal Corporate Park. 2 units side by side 1020 + 980 sqft.
5583KRYSTAL POINTBayan LepasRM 340,0001,030 SFkrystal point office renovated with 5 a/cond.
66642KRYSTAL POINTBayan LepasRM 1,000,0002,000 SF2 adjioning lot 2,000 sq feet.
28568KRYSTAL POINTBayan LepasRM 380,0001,050 SFKRYSTAL POINT 2
71199KRYSTAL POINTBayan LepasRM 490,000830 SFFurnished office for sale.
16567KRYSTAL POINTBayan LepasRM 380,0001,030 SFKRYSTAL POINT 2 furnished office. Near krystal suite entrance.
75048KRYSTAL POINTBayan LepasRM 280,000700 SF
71982KRYSTAL POINTBayan LepasRM 430,000920 SFShop office facing main road, close to Bayan Lepas FTZ.
71197KRYSTAL POINTBayan LepasRM 520,000830 SF
69091KRYSTAL POINTBayan LepasRM 1,500,0003,000 SFcorner, seaview, 3 units adjoining totalling 3,000sf.
77869VOS LIFESTYLE OFFICEBukit DumbarRM 260,000364 SFModern lifestyle offices suites. Unit size ranges from 364 sq.ft. – 521 sq.ft.
74266VOS LIFESTYLE OFFICEBukit DumbarRM 370,000521 SFSize 364sf to 521sf
31510I-AVENUEBukit JambulRM 2,200,0002,000 SFGround floor and 1st floor. Extra wide frontage (22 ft) with tenant.
76373I-AVENUEBukit JambulRM 175,000340 SFRenovated office space at Bukit Jambul, beside mainroad.
74426I-AVENUEBukit JambulRM 250,000360 SFSmall office renovated with carpet floor and 2 unit aircons, glass panel door and roller shutter.
60244I-AVENUEBukit JambulRM 215,000400 SFOffice lot with 1 unit 2 hp aircon, laminate timber floor.
75252I-AVENUEBukit JambulRM 195,000360 SFSmall office for sale, close to BJ Complex.
11275I-AVENUEBukit JambulRM 1,200,0002,080 SFI-Avenue (Bayan Point 2). Suitable for any business.
65152I-AVENUEBukit JambulRM 520,000935 SFshoplot with attached toilet. Suitable for office, tuition, hair saloon, beauty center, massage center and etc.
68498I-AVENUEBukit Jambul1,000 SFFacing main road. Suitable for office use, hair saloon, etc.
74999I-AVENUEBukit JambulRM 3,000,0008,150 SF
22795I-AVENUEBukit JambulRM 250,000325 SFRenovated small office lot on 3rd floor. Sale with tenancy.
41323I-AVENUEBukit JambulRM 250,000358 SFFully furnished office with 2 aircon.
57493THE CEOBukit JambulRM 400,000420 SFComplete with floor tiles and Lighting. With one toilet and basin.
71981THE CEOBukit JambulRM 495,000829 SF
59932THE CEOBukit JambulRM 400,000728 SFgolf & penang bridge view. SOHO Office.
59339THE CEOBukit JambulRM 360,000824 SF
77091THE CEOBukit JambulRM 250,000411 SFSoho with aircon and tables, suitable for office use, golf view.
75411THE CEOBukit JambulRM 248,000411 SF
64885THE CEOBukit JambulRM 490,000500 SFComplete with floor tiles and Lighting. With one toilet and basin, with 2 aircon.
65479THE CEOBukit JambulRM 390,000600 SF1st floor. Renovated office with air con.
74016THE CEOBukit JambulRM 450,000750 SFReno with glass partition at mezzanine floor.
70403SHOPLOTFarlim800 SFshophouse 3 floor near night maket.
76020E-GATEGelugorRM 700,000964 SFFor sale with tenancy
64531OFFICE LOTGelugorRM 168,000700 SFopposite pesta
39972SRI NIBONG COMPLEXGelugorRM 220,000900 SFRenovated office opposite pesta and gelugor bus station.
5218SRI NIBONG COMPLEXGelugor1,000 SFsri nibong complex opposite pesta and gelugor bus station.
589712 STOREY SHOPHOUSEGeorgetownRM 3,800,0002,600 SFHeritage zone double stories end lot boutique hotel. Free hold commercial title.
702923 STOREY SHOPHOUSEGeorgetownRM 16,000,00020,000 SFNice Pre War House at UNESCO ZONE
372405 STOREY SHOPHOUSEGeorgetown2,016 SF4th floor suitable for Offices.
66866GURNEY TOWERGeorgetownRM 400,000550 SFAbove 20th floor
73170GURNEY TOWERGeorgetownRM 450,000663 SFMenara Gurney office lot for sale with long term tenancy.
64516GURNEY TOWERGeorgetownRM 375,000656 SFTown & Seaview office renovated with carpet and partition.
73260GURNEY TOWERGeorgetownRM 2,500,0002,960 SFSpacious big office lot with sea view for sale at Georgetown.
63088HABOUR TRADE CENTREGeorgetownRM 280,0001,400 SF
62288HABOUR TRADE CENTREGeorgetownRM 250,0001,400 SF
64355HABOUR TRADE CENTREGeorgetown500 SF
63087HABOUR TRADE CENTREGeorgetownRM 400,000848 SF
62633HABOUR TRADE CENTREGeorgetownRM 1,800,0004,200 SF
69416HEXAGON TECH PARKGeorgetownRM 878,0002,239 SFlight industrial area.
66724HEXAGON TECH PARKGeorgetownHexagon tech park 1st floor shoplot selling with tenancy. Formerly Komplek adorna diamond.
59565HEXAGON TECH PARKGeorgetownRM 865,6002,164 SF(Hi-Tech Park) flatted light industrial building beside Adorna Gold, with fiber-optic.
76375HEXAGON TECH PARKGeorgetownRM 380,000926 SFHigh fibre internet broadband facilities, allow for 7 x 24 working environment.
70544HEXAGON TECH PARKGeorgetownRM 351,880926 SF(Hi-Tech Park) flatted light industrial building beside Adorna Gold, with fiber-optic.
78140MENARA BHLGeorgetownRM 568,3201,184 SFFully renovated with air-con and conference room.
77462MENARA BHLGeorgetown700 SFFurnished office with meeting room.
71827MENARA BHLGeorgetownRM 900,0002,250 SF2 Units with seaview
40836MENARA MBFGeorgetownRM 580,000731 SFFurnished office near gurney citi bank.
68255MENARA NORTHAMGeorgetownRM 4,500,0008,000 SFDirect seaview office for rent. large office space. 8,000sf.
62775NB TROPICSGeorgetownRM 550,000600 SFSOHO units in Georgetown. Size approx. 600-850 sq. ft.
64706OFFICE LOTGeorgetownoffice space for rent
62544OFFICE LOTGeorgetownRM 900,0002,217 SFnewly painted building with lifts. Spacious office 2,217 sq feet.
58770OFFICE LOTGeorgetownRM 2,800,0001,700 SFGround floor suitable for office or beauty saloon, parking lots at front and side.
47965OFFICE LOTGeorgetownRM 700,0002,217 SFnewly painted building with lifts. Spacious office 2,217 sq feet.
64165OFFICE LOTGeorgetownRM 400,000
72253OFFICE LOTGeorgetownRM 530,0001,130 SF
63089PERAK PLAZAGeorgetownRM 3,000,0004 storey shophouse total tenanted RM5100
28068PREMIER CENTREGeorgetownRM 500,0001,444 SFPremier Centre new office with lift.
69356SHOPLOTGeorgetownRM 3,100,0003,250 SF2 storey shoplot suitable for office, retail business, showroom.
25988WISMA KINTAGeorgetownRM 255,000996 SFwith lift. Off burmah road near komtar.
714512 STOREY SHOPHOUSEJelutongRM 1,780,0002,110 SF
714502 STOREY SHOPHOUSEJelutongRM 1,900,0002,260 SF
714522 STOREY SHOPHOUSEJelutongRM 1,700,0001,991 SFshophouse facing main road.
714482 STOREY SHOPHOUSEJelutongRM 2,680,0003,165 SF
714492 STOREY SHOPHOUSEJelutongRM 2,360,0002,787 SF
76380MARITIME SUITEJelutongRM 599,000721 SFModern designed office suite with furniture for sale.
33120ASAS CENTREPulau TikusRM 560,0001,500 SFOpposite PCGHS chinese school near gurney. Fronting busy main road.
7944AXIS COMPLEXPulau Tikus800 SFShoplot with office partition.
2155AXIS COMPLEXPulau TikusRM 320,0001,040 SF2 shoplots adjoining units totalling 1,064sf.
8232AXIS COMPLEXPulau TikusRM 230,000590 SFSmall shop lot with partition. 500 sqft +
76908BELLISA ROWPulau TikusRM 880,000For sale with tenancy
69159BELLISA ROWPulau TikusRM 1,540,0002,700 SFpulau tikus 1st floor retail lot shop office.
62708BELLISA ROWPulau TikusRM 980,0001,150 SFoffice lot with carpet, ceiling board, partition, can put up signboard, facing main road.
70121FORTUNE HEIGHTSPulau TikusRM 1,200,0002,600 SFWisma fortune heights 2,600sf.
16932NEW BOB CENTRALPulau TikusRM 1,200,0001,980 SFprime ground floor shoplot for sale. Suitable for showroom, etc. fronting busy main road.
45764PERNAS TOWERPulau TikusRM 380,0001,100 SFfully reno office with 6 air con
71735OFFICE LOTRelau1,000 SF
66872SRI RELAU COMPLEXRelauRM 300,000950 SFbuilding recently paint.
75979SRI RELAU COMPLEXRelauRM 240,000829 SFSell below valuation 1 car park
76886KENARI AVENUESungai AraRM 4,111,6121,486 SFLevel 4 office lot, come with 213 car parking bays.
72862KENARI AVENUESungai AraRM 2,310,8003,972 SF
1563PRIMA TANJUNGTanjung TokongRM 1,250,0002,007 SF3storey shoplot at Prima Tanjung. 2,007 sq.ft. per unit x 3floor.
48433PRIMA TANJUNGTanjung TokongRM 370,000770 SFFurnished shop office to let.
64833PRIMA TANJUNGTanjung TokongRM 1,650,0006,222 SF3 storeys office block for sale
59080PRIMA TANJUNGTanjung TokongRM 660,000935 SFShop lot at Prima Tanjung fettes park.
59835PRIMA TANJUNGTanjung TokongRM 270,000534 SFrenovated office
75126PRIMA TANJUNGTanjung TokongRM 650,0001,350 SF
63193PRIMA TANJUNGTanjung TokongRM 280,000renovated ofice lot with auto gate, cctv, semi furnished.
74159PRIMA TANJUNGTanjung TokongRM 193,000533 SF
23225PRIMA TANJUNGTanjung TokongRM 275,000534 SFrenovated office office opposite island plaza.
55291PRIMA TANJUNGTanjung TokongRM 350,000777 SFfurnished office, without aircon, facing jalan fettes
67093PRIMA TANJUNGTanjung TokongRM 250,000534 SFori condition, facing City Mall and Tanjung Park.
69365PRIMA TANJUNGTanjung TokongRM 482,000550 SFShop lot at Prima Tanjung, no attached toilet.