Last updated: 2017-06-21

IDProperty NameProperty LocationPrice for saleLand SizeAcresProperty Remarks
62572AIR ITAM LANDAir ItamRM 3,780,00014,000 SF0.32 acrehousing land near air itam wet market.
71414AIR ITAM LANDAir ItamRM 4,500,00014,000 SF0.32 acreBeside main road of Ayer Itam. Near to Reservoir Garden.
72744AIR ITAM LANDAir ItamRM 15,192,57082,122 SF1.88 acre1st Grade with Access road. Potential conversion to housing development.
73193AIR ITAM LANDAir ItamRM 10,500,000348,480 SF8.00 acreZoning under Commercial.
71681AIR ITAM LANDAir ItamRM 4,800,00014,418 SF0.33 acrecan build house,commercial buiding,office, Very nice for investment Nice for Commercial.
68698AIR ITAM LANDAir ItamRM 1,405,2005,855 SF0.13 acreflat land near air itam police station.
76465LAND FOR SALEAir ItamRM 43,200,00072,000 SF1.65 acre
76568LAND FOR SALEAir ItamRM 43,200,00072,000 SF1.65 acreresidential land
76582BUKIT MINYAK LANDBUKIT MERTAJAMRM 11,499,840287,496 SF6.60 acreAgriculture land converted to 1st grade land with road access in Bukit Minyak
76758SEBERANG PERAI LANDBUKIT MERTAJAMRM 57,760,560740,520 SF17.00 acrePrime Development land mainroad frontage 10 minutes to BM Aeon and BM Tesco
76461LAND FOR SALEBagan AjamRM 10,000,00067,132 SF1.54 acreResidential land @ RM149 per sqft
72622BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 5,200,000261,360 SF6.00 acreAgriculture, freehold, non-bumi.
72009BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 11,069,292162,784 SF3.73 acreFlat land,residential title.
76531BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 13,590,720339,768 SF7.80 acreAgriculture land in Balik Pulau
73577BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 1,481,04074,050 SF1.69 acreAgriculture land mukim C. Permatang pasir. RM20.00psf.
22591BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 11,042,460169,000 SF3.87 acre3.87 acres agiculture Land 350m from seaside. Nice resort environment. Located off main road but there is a small road leading to it.
75266BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 730,000Jalan Pondok upeh agriculture flat land. Can built house, 20' extry road can use for warehouse or lorry entry etc.
71441BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 4,977,570127,600 SF2.92 acrePulau Betong first grade, first layer freehold land for sale RM39 psf. Cheapest in the market. Best For investment or development.
71896BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 2,566,816122,229 SF2.80 acreFlat land. Freehold
72629BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 9,641,570642,771 SF14.75 acre
72005BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 5,945,94091,475 SF2.09 acre1st grade. Freehold. Beside main road Jalan Pulau Betong.
76534BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 1,470,15058,806 SF1.35 acreFirst Grade agriculture land in Balik Pulau
72476BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 9,641,570642,771 SF14.75 acrepulau betong land for sale 642,771 sqft.
72064BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 1,150,00032,044 SF0.73 acre
73399BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 3,200,00091,470 SF2.09 acre2.1 acre with 1 acre flat land sungai pinang balik pulau. freehoild mukim grant. with private acess road. asking rm35.00psf.
76692BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 10,158,1921,846,940 SF42.39 acreFirst grade development land in Titi Teras , Balik Pulau
71672BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 180,0003,200 SF0.07 acreFreehold flat land first grade easy access from main road (approximately 40 meters).
61806BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 76,500,000378,900 SF8.69 acrePulau Betong 8.7acres land with access road, seaview.
69753BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 62,371,000871,200 SF20.00 acreTitle is agriculture but convertible.
75258BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 110,0002,400 SF0.05 acreFreehold,cost inclusive lawyer fees, estimate road work, land cleaning* (subject to terms & condition)
74695BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 668,00012,768 SF0.29 acre
76011BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 13,000,000169,800 SF3.89 acre3.9 acres of land for development in Balik Pulau facing Jalan Air Putih.
73791BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 10,236,600217,800 SF5.00 acre1st Grade land at Balik Pulau for sale @ RM47 psf
72006BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 4,704,48078,408 SF1.80 acreFreehold, flatland.
56154BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 1,400,00019,888 SF0.45 acreland for sale.
76527BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 2,286,90065,340 SF1.50 acreFirst grade residential land in Balik Pulau
76015BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 1,300,00037,178 SF0.85 acreFlat Land for development near to Kampung Paya Kongsi.
61614BALIK PULAU LANDBalik Pulau35,000 SF0.80 acreSungai Rusa land by the main road, electric n water supply. suitable for parking lorry, etc.
72091BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 1,350,00053,660 SF1.23 acrePaddy field. Freehold.
76176BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 93,000,0001,115,130 SF25.59 acreTiti teras 1st grade freehold vacant flat land for sale 10.36 hectars approx 25.6 acres.
72242BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 35,937,000653,400 SF15.00 acreBeside main road
58470BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 2,000,00048,898 SF1.12 acreJalan Sungai Nipah flat land opposite paddy field with bushes near road 3 min. walk to pekan genting near ta tong primary school.
76529BALIK PULAU LANDBalik Pulau6,000 SF0.13 acreResidential land for rent in Balik Pulau
76533BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 1,535,49061,420 SF1.41 acreFirst grade agriculture land in Balik Pulau
72442BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 4,037,576310,580 SF7.12 acreDurian and Fruits Farm. Road and Water is ready.
72240BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 1,850,00021,780 SF0.50 acre1st Grade, freehold.
76523BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 1,607,37053,579 SF1.23 acreFirst grade residential land in Balik Pulau Sungai Nipah.
72093BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 1,150,00032,044 SF0.73 acrePaddy field. Freehold fronting main road. Squarish in shape.
64392BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 15,300,000609,000 SF13.98 acrePulau Betong 14 acres orchard land 1st grade. Suitable for residential, resort, fronting beach.
67700BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 1,750,00043,500 SF0.99 acreorchard land near new market.
64131BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 52,000,0002,134,000 SF48.98 acreundulating land.
66115BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 330,707,52012,719,500 SF291.99 acrepulau betong land for sale 12,719,520 sqft.
64676BALIK PULAU LANDBalik Pulau112,820 SF2.58 acrePulau Betong land 2 adjoining lots for sale.
76500BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 2,090,88043,560 SF1.00 acreFirst grade residential land in Balik Pulau For sale
76691BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 3,401,600596,772 SF13.70 acreDevelopment land for sale in Pantai Acheh, Balik Pulau
71047BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 4,181,700278,784 SF6.40 acre6.4 acres land for sale.
71675BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 3,201,66091,476 SF2.10 acreHilltop land at Balik Pulau. The 2.1 acres of land is 45% flat.
76724BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 1,900,00043,551 SF0.99 acreAgriculture land in Kampung Terang , Balik Pulau for sale
76010BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 16,030,080348,480 SF8.00 acreDevelopment land in Balik Pulau facing Jalan Bahru
70657BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 12,000,0001,306,800 SF30.00 acre30 acres agriculture land with durian trees & rubber trees. Approx Rm9.20 psf.
73048BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 36,590,400609,840 SF14.00 acre1st Grade. Generally flat. Suitable for development.
73832BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 4,700,000100,188 SF2.30 acre
76525BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 125,0003,500 SF0.08 acreFirst grade residential land in Balik Pulau.
71510BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 8,782,059292,735 SF6.72 acreFreehold, Geran Mukim, Access is legal bund road.
71707BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 5,100,000261,360 SF6.00 acreAgriculture land at permatang pasir Balik Pulau approx 6 acres. Suitable for development.
76744BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 31,145,400566,280 SF13.00 acreFirst grade land for sale in Pulau Betong, Balik Pulau
62577BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 5,559,000326,700 SF7.50 acredurian estate 300m above sea level, panaromic view, ideal for holiday resort. Freehold land.
72241BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 3,911,26753,579 SF1.23 acreFreehold.
76532BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 24,071,2564,011,880 SF92.10 acreFirst grade residential land in Balik Pulau
72066BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 1,350,00053,660 SF1.23 acreSungai Burong padi field land.
72413BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 2,700,000252,963 SF5.80 acreDurian Orchard. 50 to 60 Durian trees. Have electric supply.
76535BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 2,195,4241,097,710 SF25.19 acreFirst grade agriculture land in Balik Pulau
60405BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 56,000,000509,000 SF11.68 acreGrade 'A' land for sale. Flat land in pondok upih. Near rapid penang terminal, pekan balik pulau, goverment office and banks.
72077BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 38,140,000254,259 SF5.83 acreagriculture land.
72007BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 1,850,00021,780 SF0.50 acreFreehold, 1st grade beside main road.
73398BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 11,717,000117,170 SF2.68 acreFreehold mukim grant 50% flat land. 3 phase electricity, pba water available. asking price rm100.00 psf. 2.69 acre.
64372BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 16,204,3201,350,360 SF31.00 acre31 acres balik pulau hill land with seaview for sale. Next to Taman air putih and taman botanic.
71447BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 11,761,200130,680 SF3.00 acre3 acres land 1st grade freehold for sale located at Paya Kongsi, Politeknik Balik Pulau, Penang.
75237BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 300,0006,947 SF0.15 acreRoad frontage,Flat land ,Vacant possession,Individual title
76635BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 100,0002,400 SF0.05 acreLand to build bungalow at Balik Pulau.
76524BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 2,697,23556,192 SF1.28 acreFirst grade residential land in Balik Pulau
72008BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 22,934,340588,060 SF13.50 acreFreehold, 1st grade seaview pulau betong land.
71736BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 1,484,52474,226 SF1.70 acreRoad fronting. Rectangular in shape. Free hold, geran mukim.
76528BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 110,0002,400 SF0.05 acreFirst grade residential land in Balik Pulau
76526BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 5,945,940169,884 SF3.90 acreFirst grade residential land in Balik Pulau
76016BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 2,311,600110,000 SF2.52 acreFreehold and Flat Land.
71220BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 4,181,760278,784 SF6.40 acreAgriculture land. Second layer with access.
73857BALIK PULAU LANDBalik PulauRM 17,000,000
72214LAND FOR RENTBalik Pulauface main road.
74387LAND FOR SALEBalik PulauRM 10,247,230146,389 SF3.36 acre1st grade main road land at Balik Pulau for sale, 3.3 acres.
73031LAND FOR SALEBalik PulauRM 35,937,000653,400 SF15.00 acre
76464LAND FOR SALEBalik PulauRM 5,776,00567,953 SF1.55 acreResidential land @ Pulau Betong for sale
57697PULAU BETONG LANDBalik PulauRM 5,900,000740,500 SF16.99 acreDurian orchard with a breathtaking view hills and sea. Agriculture durian trees, electricity available. Suitable for bungalow.
71552TELUK KUMBAR LANDBalik Pulauteluk kumbar seaview land half way to balik pulau about 1 acre. can use for leisure farming.
72555Batu Ferringhi
72747BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu FerringhiRM 60,548,000121,096 SF2.77 acre
37463BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu FerringhiRM 18,000,000136,778 SF3.13 acreDevelopment land with proposed plan for 47 units of super service apartment with sea view near international school.
68992BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu FerringhiRM 29,000,000254,170 SF5.83 acreHill land walking distance to 5-stars beach hotels. suitable for resort condo with emaculate mediterranean design all looking toward seeview.
75240BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu FerringhiRM 145,000,000Mixed development land, Opposite Bayview Beach Hotel,Zoning Hotel,Condo,residential
34542BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu FerringhiRM 15,488,000387,200 SF8.88 acreLand 2 km from hard rock hotel / TAR college. Durian estate with seaview. Hilly 200-500 feet. Fruit estate with durian, mangosteen and long kong. RM40.00psf.
72355BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu Ferringhi
68310BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu FerringhiRM 50,000,000679,971 SF15.60 acre
72349BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu FerringhiRM 170,341,3801,548,560 SF35.55 acreFreehold, Residential land, Near public bank.
66307BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu FerringhiRM 50,000,000679,970 SF15.60 acreLand on hill top, currently is secondary Jungle.
75506BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu FerringhiHill land near project Mahsing Group. Rm160.00 psf
74260BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu FerringhiRM 169,988,890653,400 SF15.00 acreNearby Shangrila Rasa Sayang Resort and Holiday Inn Hotel.
73226BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu FerringhiRM 170,824,896Land for sale opposite Hard Rock Hotel. First grade land by the road side, ideal for 3 stars hotel, complex mall, business centre or resort. 32 acres.
72351BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu FerringhiRM 101,843,280145,490 SF3.33 acre
72350BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu FerringhiRM 88,000,000121,271 SF2.78 acre
72611BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu FerringhiRM 153,000,0001,393,920 SF32.00 acreDevelopment land nearby Hotel and beach.
75417BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu Ferringhi136,340 SF3.12 acreLokasi tanah Batu Feringgi 3.13 acres. Land near hard rock hotel.
72346BATU FERRINGHI LANDBatu FerringhiRM 135,950,760679,970 SF15.60 acreLand on hill top, currently is secondary Jungle.
72292FERRINGHI HILLSBatu FerringhiRM 1,800,0007,857 SF0.18 acreBungalow lot at batu ferringhi
73914LAND FOR SALEBatu FerringhiRM 78,000,000121,271 SF2.78 acre
71859LAND FOR SALEBatu FerringhiRM 274,428,0001st grade freehold land 70 acres for sale near Hard Rock Hotel, batu ferringhi.
71814BATU MAUNG FACTORYBatu MaungRM 17,238,100Batu Maung 2 Units factory BU - 8040 X 2 = 16080 sq ft. Extra land 8254 sq ft.
71812BATU MAUNG FACTORYBatu MaungRM 16,882,600Batu Maung 2 Units factory for sale. BU - 8040 X 2 = 16080 sq ft. Extra land 5884 sq ft.
60791BATU MAUNG LANDBatu MaungRM 36,590,400121,968 SF2.80 acrenear to 2nd bridge,airport n southbay city mall. Only for serius buyer.
63795BATU MAUNG LANDBatu MaungRM 12,349,000196,000 SF4.49 acreAdjoining Prestigious Development RM 63 p.s.f. near mahsing project.
76165BATU MAUNG LANDBatu MaungRM 13,200,00060,000 SF1.37 acreFlat land by the road side.
64460BATU MAUNG LANDBatu MaungRM 12,740,000196,000 SF4.49 acrePenang Island Batu Maung 4.5 acres. Adjoining Prestigious Development.
63627BATU MAUNG LANDBatu MaungRM 173,042,000679,100 SF15.58 acreTeluk Tempoyak seafront agricultural commercial zoning land - 15.89 acres near Southbay City.
75193BATU MAUNG LANDBatu MaungRM 21,580,000165,967 SF3.81 acre
75660BATU MAUNG LANDBatu MaungRM 3,600,00015,000 SF0.34 acreLeasehold land.
71216BATU MAUNG LANDBatu MaungRM 9,020,00082,000 SF1.88 acreprime development land beside main road Jalan Permatang Damar Laut.
70033BATU MAUNG LANDBatu MaungRM 4,800,00052,500 SF1.20 acre1.2 acres land for sale.
76472BATU MAUNG LANDBatu MaungRM 21,891,325230,432 SF5.28 acreBatu Maung land with residential Zoning.
76703BATU MAUNG LANDBatu MaungRM 2,000,00013,401 SF0.30 acreBuilding land in Batu Maung facing directly to Lorong Batu Maung road
76052BATU MAUNG LANDBatu MaungRM 39,204,000196,020 SF4.50 acreHousing Development land facing Jalan Permatang Damar Laut in Batu Maung.
64566BATU MAUNG LANDBatu MaungRM 10,912,000100,180 SF2.29 acre2.5 acres Agriculture land. Mikin grant. Suitable for development. 2 mins from 2nd bridge and southbay penang.
75661BATU MAUNG LANDBatu MaungRM 16,335,000Industrial land behind Diamond Valley.
71796LAND FOR RENTBatu Maung3,200 SF0.07 acre20 feet height zinc roofing.
74340LAND FOR SALEBatu MaungRM 5,000,00018,000 SF0.41 acre
75153LAND FOR SALEBatu MaungRM 7,500,00015,000 SF0.34 acre
74804BATU MAUNG LANDBatu MuangRM 200,0003,680 SF0.08 acre
71482SUNGAI ARA LANDBayan BaruRM 4,565,088228,254 SF5.23 acre
72021BALIK PULAU LANDBayan LepasRM 22,416,847124,538 SF2.85 acreFlat land. Freehold. 1St Grade.
67660BAYAN LEPAS LANDBayan Lepasindustrial title land ready for building.
71184BAYAN LEPAS LANDBayan LepasRM 4,000,00016,098 SF0.36 acreFreehold and flat land for sale.
74715BERAPIT LANDBerapitRM 3,131,510240,886 SF5.52 acreThe land grade C approx. 5.53 acres.
73052BUKIT GAMBIER LANDBukit GambierRM 115,444,4541,407,860 SF32.32 acre1st Grade, freehold.
76501LAND FOR SALEBukit GambierRM 4,700,0009,400 SF0.21 acrealong main road, easy access to Tesco, E-Gate & Bridge
73725LAND FOR SALEBukit GambierRM 53,578,800
69656LAND FOR SALEBukit JambulRM 4,067,3808,654 SF0.19 acre8,654 sq feet vacant land fronting main road.
76585BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 90,0002,896 SF0.06 acreKg Kepala Bukit in Kubang Semang with 1st grade title freehold land.
76705BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 48,090,2401,001,880 SF23.00 acre1st Grade Freehold Flat land next to Hillpark Residence and SMK Machang Bubuk.
71478BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 566,105,76031,450,300 SF721.99 acreRed clay, can convert to residential or commercial, near to Jawi new jail, beside the road, vacant possession.
67600BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 3,933,468157,330 SF3.61 acrebandar perda land for sale.
76581BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 2,341,78083,635 SF1.91 acreBukit Indera Mulia 1st grade land in Bukit Mertajam area.
76584BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 2,430,63081,021 SF1.85 acreMainroad frontage freehold land in Kubang Semang with 1st grade status
74763BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 1,790,30059,670 SF1.36 acrePermatang Pauh 1.37 acres agricultural flat land. near main road RM30/sqft.
72015BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 63,162,000435,600 SF10.00 acre10 acres plus. Freehold land. Bukit Mertajam Town Area
72012BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 16,014,00038,040 SF0.87 acrejalan sultan azlan shah Bangunan title, Sell with VP.
64864BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 11,700,000147,233 SF3.38 acreFirst grade vacant land cultivating paddy. Near development area Tesco Alma.
76580BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 2,979,48074,487 SF1.70 acreFirst Grade Residential Freehold land with mainroad frontage
71446BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 3,180,000209,530 SF4.81 acreFreehold land 1.9466 hectares. With Rubber trees & stream.
76583BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 65,0002,792 SF0.06 acreSmall plot of 1st grade residential land in Kampung Petani Bukit Mertajam
72014BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 63,162,000435,600 SF10.00 acre10 acres plus. Freehold land. Bukit Mertajam Town Area
73000BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 6,534,000108,900 SF2.50 acreFirst grade land suitable for warehouse.
76586BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 100,0003,120 SF0.07 acre1st Grade land with road access ready to develop in Kubang Semang BM.
73125BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 14,500,00087,120 SF2.00 acreVacant commercial Land Ampang Jajar. Facing Jalan Permatang Pauh. Flat Land. Approx 2 acres. Sell VP.
76230BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 12,384,108Very good for mixed development,residential and commercial tier
72166BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDBukit MertajamRM 63,162,000435,600 SF10.00 acre10 acres plus. Freehold land. Bukit Mertajam Town Area.
71874LAND FOR SALEBukit MertajamRM 11,848,3201st grade freehold opposite residential area for mixed development.
74628LAND FOR SALEBukit MertajamRM 3,143,000
68308LAND FOR SALEBukit MertajamRM 8,842,68056,628 SF1.30 acrejalan permatang pauh residential land for sale.
76147MACHANG BUBOK LANDBukit MertajamRM 6,730,000134,599 SF3.08 acreBukit Mertajam vacant land Jalan Besar facing east.
76146MACHANG BUBOK LANDBukit Mertajam338,463 SF7.77 acreLand for rent
71524SEBERANG PERAI LANDBukit Mertajam
75381BUKIT MINYAK LANDBukit MinyakRM 36,950,400
76697BUKIT MINYAK LANDBukit MinyakRM 2,600,00040,167 SF0.92 acreIndustrial land for sale in IKS Bukit Minyak
75260BUKIT MINYAK LANDBukit MinyakRM 11,499,840Land Zoning - Residential (confirmed with MBSP),Asking Price - RM40/sq fts
55907BUKIT MINYAK LANDBukit MinyakRM 2,240,00028,000 SF0.64 acreAgriculture land 3 km from Auto city, Juru Penang near Carrefour Bukit Minyak. Seberang perai tengah.
62555BUKIT MINYAK LANDBukit MinyakRM 15,435,000128,625 SF2.95 acreBukit Minyak Industrial land, square in shape.
69839BUTTERWORTH LANDButterworthRM 3,593,70032,670 SF0.75 acreBagan lalang industrial land. Land at bagan lalang.
76142BUTTERWORTH LANDButterworthRM 6,868,44057,244 SF1.31 acre
48464BUTTERWORTH LANDButterworthRM 35,000,000196,000 SF4.49 acresungai nyor land commercial cum residential.
72804JURU LANDButterworthRM 21,677,210373,745 SF8.58 acreButteworth Juru 1st Grade commercial land for sale.
72613JURU LANDButterworthRM 9,500,00021,995 SF0.50 acrecommercial land Pre-approved plan for 3 Storey Semi-D Factory with land area 20k sf.
72759JURU LANDButterworthRM 8,700,00082,764 SF1.90 acre
68305LAND FOR SALEButterworthRM 8,842,680152,460 SF3.50 acrepermatang tinggi industrial land suitable for Factory, Warehouse, and car learning center.
68311LAND FOR SALEButterworthRM 3,580,00065,340 SF1.50 acrebutterworth sungai puyu residential land beside main road, L shape.
71872LAND FOR SALEButterworthRM 11,848,320opposite Tmn Bunga Rampai residential area. 1st grade freehold flat land.
73492SEBERANG PERAI LANDButterworthRM 2,200,000
68356TASEK GELUGOR LANDButterworthRM 3,200,400152,400 SF3.49 acreFlat land by the main road, can use for lorry container parking, warehousing, housing development. rapid development at surrounding areas.
74517TASEK GELUGOR LANDButterworthRM 48,000,0003,484,800 SF80.00 acre80 acres, 1st Grade land for sale at Pinang Tunggal main road, Tasek Gelugor
76162TASEK GELUGOR LANDButterworth60,504,800 SF1388.99 acreRM8.50/sf agriculture Palm Oil land in Tasek Gelugor.
76135TELUK AIR TAWAR LANDButterworthRM 3,313,98087,210 SF2.00 acreVacant land
76550BUKIT GAMBIER LANDGelugorRM 64,643,040461,736 SF10.60 acreFirst grade residential land in Bukit Gambier for sell
70384BUNGALOW LOTGelugorRM 1,500,0004,600 SF0.10 acrechangkat minden kampung house with individual title, suitable to rebuilt.
73119GELUGOR LANDGelugorRM 9,988,00021,393 SF0.49 acreCommercial Land, nearby USM.
68766GELUGOR LANDGelugorRM 9,691,28021,068 SF0.48 acrebatu uban first grade land.
76204GELUGOR LANDGelugorRM 2,500,0009,106 SF0.20 acreSuitable for building bungalow. Flat land near to USM.
73157GELUGOR LANDGelugorRM 21,000,00047,916 SF1.10 acreMix Development land with approved DO. Facing main road.
76636GELUGOR LANDGelugor4,400 SF0.10 acreFlat land suitable for car wash, warehouse, storage etc, facing main road.
65281GELUGOR LANDGelugorRM 2,200,0007,400 SF0.16 acreland for sale with approve plan for 2 semi dee house.
72506GELUGOR LANDGelugor31,363 SF0.71 acreFOR RENT Sungai Nibong main road vacant land.
66612GELUGOR LANDGelugorRM 3,720,0007,440 SF0.17 acrecan built 2 semi-detached house.
71471GELUGOR LANDGelugorRM 30,000,000Road frontage Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah.
76567LAND FOR SALEGelugor61,623 SF1.41 acreresidential land
74388LAND FOR SALEGelugor6,000 SF0.13 acre
71575LAND FOR SALEGelugorRM 64,643,040461,736 SF10.60 acreLand in Bukit Gambier for sale. Freehold First grade development land. Friendly slope.
75637LAND FOR SALEGelugorRM 2,600,0009,143 SF0.20 acre
59054GEORGETOWN LANDGeorgetownRM 1,100,0004,857 SF0.11 acreVaccant land off trengannu road freehold residential land.
72746GEORGETOWN LANDGeorgetownRM 3,424,0507,609 SF0.17 acreCommercial titled. Squarish is shape. Flat land.
56131GEORGETOWN LANDGeorgetownRM 10,000,0005,132 SF0.11 acreThis piece of commercial land has been proposed 5 storey budget hotel (48 rooms) with Sub Basement Car Park. Built-up 21,714. land 5,132.
69392GEORGETOWN LANDGeorgetownRM 13,600,00020,000 SF0.45 acreSingle storey old bungalow in town with big land.
72612GEORGETOWN LANDGeorgetownRM 3,000,0006,785 SF0.15 acreLand Size 6875sf. Nice Location, Ideal for Bungalow or Housing Development.
19652GEORGETOWN LANDGeorgetownRM 38,447,72041,791 SF0.95 acrenear campbell street. 41,791sf First grade flat land in the heart of Georgetown near komtar with commercial potential
64666GEORGETOWN LANDGeorgetownRM 13,586,140
72748GEORGETOWN LANDGeorgetownRM 4,500,0007,523 SF0.17 acreFreehold, commercial land 7,523sf.
73758GEORGETOWN LANDGeorgetownRM 2,700,0004,525 SF0.10 acreSuitable for business who is looking to Rebuild
76381GEORGETOWN LANDGeorgetownRM 1,980,0002,400 SF0.05 acreVacant land at Georgetown Heritage Core Zone for sale.
67970GEORGETOWN LANDGeorgetownVacant land to rent, can divide into size request by client.
58313GEORGETOWN LANDGeorgetownRM 1,500,0003,830 SF0.08 acreland near penang GH.
76714GEORGETOWN LANDGeorgetownRM 4,500,00010,000 SF0.22 acre
63229GEORGETOWN LANDGeorgetownRM 26,000,00022,365 SF0.51 acrejalan burmah town location land for development.
76551GEORGETOWN LANDGeorgetownRM 4,839,60012,099 SF0.27 acreFirst grade residential land in Jalan Barrack ,Georgetown for sell
66448GEORGETOWN LANDGeorgetownRM 5,805,00012,900 SF0.29 acrenear island hospital.
49927JELUTONG LANDGeorgetown5,500 SF0.12 acreFor rent vacant industrial land near sungai pinang 5,589 sqft.
70373JESSELTON VILLASGeorgetownRM 4,040,6305,995 SF0.13 acrePremier bangalow lot for sale in Jesselton penang.
76276LAND FOR RENTGeorgetown
76609LAND FOR RENTGeorgetown11,000 SF0.25 acre
75662LAND FOR RENTGeorgetown10,000 SF0.22 acre
72448LAND FOR SALEGeorgetownRM 13,731,788
72159LAND FOR SALEGeorgetown18,607 SF0.42 acre
73866LAND FOR SALEGeorgetownRM 4,200,000
76463LAND FOR SALEGeorgetownRM 9,332,80023,332 SF0.53 acreResidential land @ Georgetown
73299LAND FOR SALEGeorgetownRM 15,000,00024,000 SF0.55 acreold bungalow on half acre land for sale
72847LAND FOR SALEGeorgetownRM 75,000,000
74877LAND FOR SALEGeorgetownRM 1,880,0002,918 SF0.06 acre
72833LAND FOR SALEGeorgetownRM 3,800,000
72863LAND FOR SALEGeorgetown
76671TAMAN JESSELTONGeorgetownRM 16,000,000Bungalow land for sale at Taman Jesselton
76206BAYAN LEPAS LANDGertak SanggulRM 21,432,796278,348 SF6.38 acreZoning Bungalow or resort Chinese Village
67948JELUTONG LANDJelutongRM 31,000,0001st Grade Residential develpoment land, walking distance to Main Road. Price include vacant possession.
71816JELUTONG LANDJelutongRM 15,000,00014,528 SF0.33 acreindustrial land for sale with Tenancy.
73152JELUTONG LANDJelutongRM 6,750,00013,000 SF0.29 acreJelutong development land suitable for 4 storey commercial buildings, showrooms, warehouse & workshop.
26265JELUTONG LANDJelutongRM 6,745,00012,972 SF0.29 acreJeltong land suitable for commercial or industrial approx 13,000sf. With 54 feet frontage.
73218JELUTONG LANDJelutongRM 20,000,00022,000 SF0.50 acreTanjung bungah land for sale. Plan for construction 19-Storey Condo apartment has been approved.
73882JELUTONG LANDJelutongRM 33,000,00033,000 SF0.75 acreBungalow land for sale at Jalan Perak
70374JELUTONG LANDJelutongRM 35,558,02898,772 SF2.26 acreFreehold, Residential land, Near public bank.
76607JELUTONG LANDJelutongRM 1,972,0003,400 SF0.07 acreCorner land in Jelutong next to Airmas Group projects.
75433LAND FOR SALEJelutongRM 6,750,00013,000 SF0.29 acrecommercial & residential land, facing main road.
75854JURU LANDJuruRM 9,313,120232,828 SF5.34 acreFreehold Land near Jalan Tok Kangar (Near to Juru Toll)
73003SEBERANG PERAI LANDJuruRM 28,749,6001st grade industry zone also suitable for warehouse
76473BAYAN LEPAS LANDKampung SeronokRM 5,917,64562,291 SF1.43 acreFirst grade/ Residential zonning land in Bayan Lepas for sale.
76593SUNGAI PETANIKedahRM 12,869,3601,608,670 SF36.92 acreRM8/sqft Mainroad Frontage Palm Oil Plantation land in Sg.Petani
73998LANGKAWI LANDKuahRM 13,939,200464,640 SF10.66 acre10.6 acres Rubber land for sale
75586LANGKAWI LANDKuahRM 1,129,62045,184 SF1.03 acre5km from Langkawi airport.
73271LAND FOR SALEKuala MudaRM 1,568,160
72933LAND FOR SALEKubang SemangRM 1,862,00074,488 SF1.71 acreLand suitable for commercial and residential development @ RM25 psf.
76430KEDAH LANDKulimRM 300,00096,940 SF2.22 acreAgriculture land for sale in Sidam Kanan, Kulim
76412KULIM LANDKulimRM 15,246,000435,600 SF10.00 acreZoning residential & commercial land
76193KULIM LANDKulimRM 7,484,614325,418 SF7.47 acre
76194PADANG MEHA INDUSTRIAL PARKKulimRM 152,285,76019,035,700 SF436.99 acreTotal 437 acres , KM approved to develop
76771KULIM LANDKulim Hi-Tech ParkRM 566,105,76018,870,192 SF433.20 acreLand for sale in Kulim Hi-Tech Park
71015LANGKAWI LANDLangkawiRM 2,400,000215,278 SF4.94 acreKampung Linchai development land in langkawi with 2 bungalows and 1 traditional house.
76413KULIM LANDLunasRM 10,924,848287,496 SF6.60 acreZoning commercial & residential
71480KULIM LANDLunasRM 360,241,20036,024,100 SF826.99 acreLunas flat land, beside main road, can convert to residential or commercial title, near to town.
76411KULIM LANDLunasRM 5,521,230283,140 SF6.50 acreZoning industrial. Near to Lunas toll and Taman Kijang
72251LAND FOR SALEPaya TerubongRM 4,270,560
72628PAYA TERUBONG LANDPaya TerubongRM 1,561,000304,920 SF7.00 acre1st Grade, Freehold, Non-Bumi, Commercial title.
62742PAYA TERUBONG LANDPaya TerubongRM 20,000,000400,700 SF9.19 acreFor sale grade A piece of land approx 9.2 acres with nice view of Georgetown city and Penang second bridge.
73749PAYA TERUBONG LANDPaya TerubongRM 3,880,00043,572 SF1.00 acreBungalow land for sale
58064PAYA TERUBONG LANDPaya TerubongRM 70,000,0001,024,100 SF23.51 acre3 lots together together totalling 20 acres.
65188PAYA TERUBONG LANDPaya TerubongRM 1,400,0004,250 SF0.09 acre4,250sqft, located at happy valley air itam.
76522LANGKAWI LANDPekan Padang LalangRM 15,490,200206,536 SF4.74 acreSea side land in Langkawi with approval to build resort/ condo.
76229SEBERANG PERAI LANDPenagaRM 1,323,004110,250 SF2.53 acreFirst Grade Land for sale at Penaga, Jalan Permatang Bendahari, Seberang Perai Utara.
76145PERAK LANDPerakRM 1,900,000435,500 SF9.99 acreFreehold agriculture land
74074PERAK LANDPerakRM 9,000,0006,534,000 SF150.00 acreOld rubber tree and oil palm tree 150 acres land for sale, not by the road side but have tol road to go in
74075PERAK LANDPerakRM 10,018,8004,356,000 SF100.00 acre100 acres old rubber tree at Penghulu Langat for sale
76587PERMATANG PAUH LANDPermatang PauhRM 95,000Vacant 1st grade freehold land in Permatang Nibong Seberang Perai.
76136PERMATANG PAUH LANDPermatang PauhRM 2,412,18080,406 SF1.84 acreKubang Semang land for sale or for rent.
76434PERMATANG TINGGI LANDPermatang TinggiRM 35,065,0001,001,880 SF23.00 acre8 plots of adjoining land at housing developing area in Permatang Tinggi. Near to Jalan Kampung Manggis.
74515OIL PALM LANDPetaling JayaRM 480,902,400100,188,000 SF2300.00 acre2300 acres, Oil Palm Estate at Pengalan Hulu Perak
74091JESSELTON LANDPulau TikusRM 9,000,00035,752 SF0.82 acreJesselton Bungalow lot for sale
76467LAND FOR SALEPulau TikusRM 20,128,50022,365 SF0.51 acreCommercial Land for sale at Pulau Tikus
76466LAND FOR SALEPulau TikusRM 29,762,75035,015 SF0.80 acreCommercial land for sale @ Pulau Tikus
68307RELAU LANDRelauRM 9,250,000370,260 SF8.50 acreFree hold and first grade. Seaview. Suitable for countryside resort type development.
74087RELAU LANDRelauRM 35,283,600Land for sale at Relau
73191RELAU LANDRelauRM 8,720,00043,560 SF1.00 acreCommercial,Flat land with access road. Sell with VP.
76164RELAU LANDRelauRM 21,900,00095,291 SF2.18 acreFlat land with easy access road
76591SIMPANG AMPAT LANDSImpang AmpatRM 13,786,700275,734 SF6.32 acreReady to develop land near to Juru Simpang Ampat with Mainroad frontage.
76590SIMPANG AMPAT LANDSImpang AmpatRM 200,0003,937 SF0.09 acreFirst Grade residential freehold land near Juru with road access.
73904LAND FOR SALESeberang PeraiRM 3,100,00088,383 SF2.02 acreSimpang Ampat, Freehold, first grade, industrial & commercial zoning.
74607LAND FOR SALESeberang PeraiRM 1,032,790Oil palm platation
73593LAND FOR SALESeberang PeraiRM 11,407,711134,208 SF3.08 acreFreehold land next to Prai Industrial area, can be converted for industrial use.
75404LAND FOR SALESeberang PeraiRM 2,240,000Zoning industrial & warehousing
71876LAND FOR SALESeberang PeraiRM 14,317,300palm tree land
61454LAND FOR SALESeberang Perai65,000 SF1.49 acrepulau aman agriculture land for sale.
71871LAND FOR SALESeberang PeraiRM 33,286,374214,751 SF4.93 acreland near autocity area.
74915LAND FOR SALESeberang PeraiRM 22,000,000481,773 SF11.05 acreKampung Baharu
72314LAND FOR SALESeberang PeraiRM 65,500,0008,000,000 SF183.65 acretasek gelugor land for sale.
73461LAND FOR SALESeberang PeraiRM 9,600,00095,832 SF2.20 acreJuru industrial land, within industrial area, 10mins drive to Juru Autocity
75405LAND FOR SALESeberang PeraiRM 5,227,000Zoning: residential, resort, education
76588SEBERANG PERAI LANDSeberang PeraiRM 8,258,68868,824 SF1.57 acreAgriculture land in Permatang Nibong near to Permatang Pauh
72619SEBERANG PERAI LANDSeberang PeraiRM 3,067,740282,230 SF6.47 acre1st grade,Agriculture land. Squarish in shape. Good foe long term investment.
70017SEBERANG PERAI LANDSeberang PeraiRM 10,837,720270,943 SF6.21 acreseberang perai Land near Jawi Toll for sale at RM40 psf.
71580SEBERANG PERAI LANDSeberang PeraiRM 9,436,290248,323 SF5.70 acreSeberang Perai Land near Jawi Toll for sale at RM38 psf.
73049SEBERANG PERAI LANDSeberang PeraiRM 1,350,36021,780 SF0.50 acre
66353SEBERANG PERAI LANDSeberang PeraiRM 21,661,000481,338 SF11.05 acrepermatang pauh daerah seberang perai tengah. Freehold, First-Grade. Fronting main road.
74918NIBONG TEBAL LANDSeberang Perai SelatanRM 26,163,000653,400 SF15.00 acre
43862NIBONG TEBAL LANDSeberang Perai SelatanRM 2,800,00084,070 SF1.92 acreSungai Acheh Padi field land, below road level. Suitable for swift-let farming or workshop, landscaping gardening, nursery etc. 84,070sf
73121BUTTERWORTH LANDSeberang Perai TengahRM 6,200,00030,294 SF0.69 acre1st Grade freehold commercial land. Facing main road. Squarish in shape. Suitable for Hotel development, etc. Butterworth Central Business District
76589PEMATANG PAUH LANDSeberang Perai TengahRM 200,0003,893 SF0.08 acreReady to develop housing property in Permatang Nibong Seberang Perai Tengah
75145SEBERANG PERAI LANDSeberang Perai TengahRM 9,600,000industrial land for sale near autocity.
76470NEGERI SEMBILAN LANDSerembanRM 3,969,405294,000 SF6.74 acre6.7 acres suitable land for nursery, vehicle storage or outdoor arcade
63817SIMPANG EMPAT LANDSimpang EmpatRM 9,408,000235,200 SF5.39 acreLand currently is planted with aged palm oil trees. Suitable for light industrial factory or residential. Approved for 62 units factory.
70487SIMPANG EMPAT LANDSimpang EmpatRM 25,918,200740,520 SF17.00 acre1st Grade Agriculture land with access to Jalan Valdor. Generally flat and solid earth. Current state of land is Palm Oil Estate.
76035SUNGAI ARA LANDSungai AraRM 39,586,220172,114 SF3.95 acreStrategic development land in Sungai Ara walking distance to Summerhill Villas.
63577SUNGAI ARA LANDSungai AraRM 14,723,00056,628 SF1.30 acresungai ara residential land 1st grade proposed for 30 storey condo.
75657SUNGAI ARA LANDSungai Ara
76638SUNGAI ARA LANDSungai Ara21,780 SF0.50 acreLand suitable for plant nursery.
40311SUNGAI ARA LANDSungai AraRM 45,868,5803,528,300 SF80.99 acrequite hilly with good views.
72278SUNGAI ARA LANDSungai AraRM 4,600,000228,429 SF5.24 acreFreehold plantation land. Hill land. Branded durian tree.
70327BUTTERWORTH LANDSungai DuaRM 4,077,21645,302 SF1.03 acreSuitable for residential development. Nearby Hospital Seberang Jaya. Taman Janggus. Potential to built high rise building.
61678SUNGAI DUA LANDSungai DuaRM 21,780,00087,120 SF2.00 acreSungai Dua land near USM. Status agriculture. Selling Without vacant possesion.
76659SUNGAI DUA LANDSungai DuaRM 6,567,977328,398 SF7.53 acreRoad frontage land for sale at Sungai Dua Seberand Perai Tengah
75853SUNGAI JAWI LANDSungai JawiRM 2,744,280182,952 SF4.20 acreDevelopment land for sale near Sungai Jawi Toll
73875SUNGAI JAWI LANDSungai JawiRM 14,120,000564,537 SF12.95 acre12.95 acres agricultural land with 10 years Palm Oil Trees near to 2nd Penang Bridge, Batu Kawan for sale
75852SUNGAI JAWI LANDSungai JawiRM 10,236,600409,464 SF9.40 acreDevelopment land for sale near Sungai Jawi Toll
76493LAND FOR SALESungai PetaniRM 2,496,000
76594SUNGAI PETANI LANDSungai PetaniRM 33,063,7764,132,970 SF94.87 acrePalm Oil Plantation freehold land with Mainroad frontage
76596SUNGAI PETANI LANDSungai PetaniRM 30,028,5164,289,790 SF98.48 acreMainroad frontage agriculture land in Sungai Petani
76530SUNGAI PETANI LANDSungai PetaniRM 2,496,000Palm tree agriculture land in Sungai Petani For sale
75241KAMUNTING LANDTaipingRM 1,950,000Perak Taiping Kamunting Industrial land for sale.
68566BUNGALOW LOTTanjung BungahRM 4,480,00016,000 SF0.36 acrebangalow land approx. 16,000 sf.
70881TANJUNG BUNGAH LANDTanjung BungahRM 5,045,22028,029 SF0.64 acre2,604 square meter suitable to build 3 bangalows with approved design.
70628TANJUNG BUNGAH LANDTanjung BungahRM 95,000,000107,502 SF2.46 acresea front development land
72261TANJUNG BUNGAH LANDTanjung BungahRM 20,000,00021,125 SF0.48 acreFlat land with approved DO to built 19 Unit Luxury Condo. Total built up area 124,844 Sq. Ft.
65278TANJUNG BUNGAH LANDTanjung BungahRM 1,151,0403,488 SF0.08 acreland for sale. residential plot ready to buit. Next to existing housing project.
73865TANJUNG BUNGAH LANDTanjung BungahRM 3,300,00023,616 SF0.54 acrePearl hill bungalow land with seaview @rm140.00 psf.
72761TANJUNG BUNGAH LANDTanjung BungahRM 126,000,000114,345 SF2.62 acreCommercial land. Freehold.
55047TANJUNG BUNGAH LANDTanjung BungahRM 4,176,79622,217 SF0.51 acre22,000 Sq ft Land in Pearl Hill with sea view for sale.
72616TANJUNG BUNGAH LANDTanjung BungahRM 4,500,00028,000 SF0.64 acre
28259TANJUNG BUNGAH LANDTanjung BungahRM 3,100,00016,737 SF0.38 acrehill land with panoramic seaview suitable for bangalow, flat land.
53526TANJUNG BUNGAH LANDTanjung BungahRM 7,500,00025,000 SF0.57 acrePearl hill land, suitable for bangalow with nice sea view.
73117TANJUNG MALIM LANDTanjung MalimRM 1,513,980507,300 SF11.64 acreAgriculture Land. Freehold. Geran Mukim. Non Bumi. 6 KM from Proton City Tanjung Malim.
72831TANJUNG MALIM LANDTanjung Malim322,344 SF7.40 acreTanjung Malim Land for JV. 75/25 ratio. Zoning residential.
72615BUNGALOW LOTTanjung TokongRM 4,240,0007,725 SF0.17 acreFreehold. Residential title. Seaview
68075BUNGALOW LOTTanjung TokongRM 3,150,0008,900 SF0.20 acrebangalow land for sale.
74895LAND FOR SALETanjung TokongRM 20,000,00022,000 SF0.50 acre
26606LAND FOR SALETanjung TokongRM 16,000,00051,483 SF1.18 acreDevelopment land at tg tokong. Price without vacant possession - geran first grade.
74089SERI TANJUNG PINANG BUNGALOW LOTTanjung TokongRM 4,370,0007,297 SF0.16 acreSeri Tanjung pinang bungalow lot for sale
75180SERI TANJUNG PINANG BUNGALOW LOTTanjung TokongRM 3,584,4005,974 SF0.13 acreBungalow lot for sale at Seri Tanjung Pinang near promenade and Straits Quay
76664TANJUNG TOKONG LANDTanjung TokongRM 16,000,00020,000 SF0.45 acreLand for sale at Tanjung Tokong
72467TANJUNG TOKONG LANDTanjung TokongRM 5,600,00014,229 SF0.32 acreTanjung Tokong Main Road, 1st grade, Commercial title Fronting main road, Set back 30 feet.
72610TANJUNG TOKONG LANDTanjung TokongRM 6,800,00014,227 SF0.32 acreResidential land beside main road.
76552TELUK BAHANG LANDTeluk BahangRM 2,403,60024,036 SF0.55 acreFirst grade development land in Teluk Bahang for sell
73122TELUK BAHANG LANDTeluk BahangRM 13,500,00044,000 SF1.01 acreMix Development land, Generally flat.
76462LAND FOR SALETeluk KumbarRM 8,842,60044,213 SF1.01 acreTeluk Kumbar residential land for sale
73629LAND FOR SALETeluk KumbarRM 5,200,80034,672 SF0.79 acreFirst Grade land at Teluk Kumbar with seaview for sale @ RM150 per sf.
73158TELUK KUMBAR LANDTeluk KumbarRM 6,780,72349,136 SF1.12 acreFreehold, nearby Teluk Kumbar Industrial Area.
73161TELUK KUMBAR LANDTeluk KumbarRM 21,422,764278,217 SF6.38 acreFreehold. Zoning under Resort, Condo and Residential.
76497TELUK KUMBAR LANDTeluk KumbarRM 750,00025,000 SF0.57 acreFirst Grade/Agricultural land in Teluk Kumbar for sale
72626TELUK KUMBAR LANDTeluk KumbarRM 4,000,00034,848 SF0.80 acrePanoramic view for hotel or bungalow development.Ideal for land investment, 0.5 km from the main road.
71678TELUK KUMBAR LANDTeluk KumbarRM 6,000,00034,800 SF0.79 acreTeluk Kumbar Land (0.8 acres) Panoramic view for hotel or bungalow development. 0.5 km from the main road.
76637TELUK KUMBAR LANDTeluk Kumbar30,000 SF0.68 acreFlat land, rectangular shape, suitable for agriculture, can access with motor only.
76496TELUK KUMBAR LANDTeluk KumbarRM 2,265,12056,628 SF1.30 acreAgriculture land in Teluk Kumbar for sale.
72630TELUK KUMBAR LANDTeluk KumbarRM 6,900,00034,672 SF0.79 acreResidential. Freehold.
73160TELUK KUMBAR LANDTeluk KumbarRM 20,691,000217,800 SF5.00 acreFreehold, Residential and commercial zoning.
75765TELUK KUMBAR LANDTeluk KumbarRM 7,365,980193,800 SF4.44 acreSingle plot of vacant and freehold land in Gertak Sanggul.
71676TELUK KUMBAR LANDTeluk KumbarRM 9,534,80034,672 SF0.79 acreTanah untuk dijual 34,672sqft geran lengkap hanya 1 nama tiada penduduk.
75337TELUK KUMBAR LANDTeluk KumbarHeight 150'with good view by the road
64358TELUK KUMBAR LANDTeluk KumbarRM 3,440,00021,500 SF0.49 acresungai batu residential vacant land 21k sq, ft, by the road. Opposite Mosque.
73159TELUK KUMBAR LANDTeluk KumbarRM 18,399,744209,088 SF4.80 acreFreehold, Zoning under Residential and Commercial. Nearby Teluk Kumbar Industrial Area.
76495TELUK KUMBAR LANDTeluk KumbarRM 8,860,14049,223 SF1.13 acreDevelopment land for sale in Teluk Kumbar
76498TELUK KUMBAR LANDTeluk KumbarRM 42,950,1602,526,480 SF58.00 acre58 acres of first grade agriculture land in Teluk Kumbar for sale
76698SUNGAI BAKAP LANDValdorRM 18,600,000464,350 SF10.66 acreFirst grade industrial land for sale in Valdor
73496BUKIT MERTAJAM LANDalmaRM 2,023,67953,257 SF1.22 acreLand for sale in alma, Bukit Mertajam
72372BATU KAWAN LANDbatu kawanRM 4,101,30030,380 SF0.69 acre4 lots of bungalow lots for sale at Batu Kawan. Easy access to 2nd bridge (5 minutes driving).
53540BUKIT MINYAK LANDbukit minyakRM 4,000,00040,000 SF0.91 acrenear Perindustrian Bukit Minyak. Seberang perai tengah.
73462LAND FOR SALEbukit minyakRM 11,151,360223,028 SF5.12 acreflat land
74090BUKIT TENGAH LANDbukit tengahRM 10,000,000128,763 SF2.95 acreBy the main road land for sale near Icon City
64110INDONESIA LANDindonesiaRM 15,384,244Agriculture land Riau Province, Sumatra island of Indonesia.
72274LAND FOR SALEjawiRM 2,800,00060,000 SF1.37 acreJawi agriculture land for sale. 1st grade hill land.
73030LAND FOR SALEjawiRM 37,343,800827,640 SF19.00 acre
72316LAND FOR SALEjawiRM 1,500,00050,000 SF1.14 acre
75059LAND FOR SALEjawiRM 19,514,880
76410JURU LANDjuruRM 9,600,000Near to Autocity
68314JURU LANDjuruRM 1,000,00028,444 SF0.65 acre
76727JURU LANDjuruRM 25,669,036885,139 SF20.31 acre1st Grade development land for sale in Juru
76428SEBERANG PERAI LANDkampung SelamatRM 1,650,000Land in Seberang Perai Utara suitable to build factory or warehouse
76143CHANGLUN LANDkedahRM 13,188,668775,804 SF17.81 acreVacant land
75797KUALA KETIL LANDkedahRM 4,035,834470,000 SF10.78 acreKuala Ketil Industrial Estate 1st Phase. Land can be converted to commercial use as hotel or supermarket, etc.
72618KULIM LANDkedahRM 2,800,000958,320 SF22.00 acreBandar Kulim,Kedah. Besides main road.Zoning residential. Non-Bumi
60414KULIM LANDkedahRM 36,590,4003,659,040 SF84.00 acrecurrently planted withoil plam trees. Suitable for industrial factory as it is near hi-tect park, kulim industrial estate.
71798KULIM LANDkedahRM 19,602,000653,400 SF15.00 acreCurrent zoning is commercial. Freehold Land 21 relong. Existing land is oil palm estate. The land can be converted into commercial.
71293LANGKAWI LANDkedahRM 58,000,0001,262,000 SF28.97 acreLangkawi land 28 acres (11 hectares). Suitable for development chalet, resort, hotel. the coastline is beautiful, off the main road and near Kuah town.
74073SUNGAI PETANI LANDkedahRM 31,036,5004,138,200 SF95.00 acre95 acres agricultural land by the road side, good for future development.
73110KELANTAN LANDkelantanRM 900,00046,000 SF1.05 acreFlat land with plan approved to built approx. 15 units of terrace house.
71595BERTAM LANDkepala batasRM 794,01166,167 SF1.51 acreBertam 1.519 acres agriculture land. Can build factory or housing.
72926KEPALA BATAS LANDkepala batasRM 3,028,104168,228 SF3.86 acreLand with DO. 1st grade, residential.
73370KEPALA BATAS LANDkepala batasRM 1,500,00034,800 SF0.79 acreTanah tepi jalan. land by main road approx. 34800 sf.
72625KEPALA BATAS LANDkepala batasRM 3,200,000174,240 SF4.00 acre1st Grade, Besides Permatang Sintok Highway.
71467KEPALA BATAS LANDkepala batasRM 1,960,200130,680 SF3.00 acreJalan Bertam. Geran mukim 1st grade agriculture land second layer.
65549KEPALA BATAS LANDkepala batas14,000 SF0.32 acre
73724KUALA LUMPUR LANDkuala lumpurRM 135,907,20045,300 SF1.03 acreLand near pavilion & KLCC, main road frontage commercial zoning. 1.04 acre
60735KUALA LUMPUR LANDkuala lumpurRM 10,000,00024,000 SF0.55 acreKuala Lumour Jalan Gurney development land with main road frontage 24,000 SQ FEET. Residential Zoning.
71509KUALA LUMPUR LANDkuala lumpurRM 4,300,0009,000 SF0.20 acreKL Jalan Gurney development land with main road frontage 9000 sq ft.
68908KUALA LUMPUR LANDkulau lumpurRM 5,182,44013,638 SF0.31 acreCountry Heights Damansara prime freehold bangalow lots for sale.
75305KUALA LUMPUR LANDkulau lumpurRM 11,000,00010,400 SF0.23 acrePrime location, near to Embassy, rare in market.
75328KUALA LUMPUR LANDkulau lumpurRM 8,000,00022,000 SF0.50 acre
75336KUALA LUMPUR LANDkulau lumpurRM 6,500,00010,689 SF0.24 acreRare in market, On top of the hill, located at PJ golden triangle. Excellent view
69094KULIM LANDkulimRM 57,629,8804,268,880 SF98.00 acre98 acres vacant flat land Converted for Development use. Located at Kulim Hi Tech Park.
76196KULIM LANDkulimLand for sale nearby kulim hi tech park.
76597KULIM LANDkulimRM 90,0006,565 SF0.15 acreFreehold agriculture land with road access
71468KULIM LANDkulimRM 217,800,0008,712,000 SF200.00 acre1st grade Industrial land at Kulim.
75528KULIM LANDkulimRM 130,000,000Padang Meha industrial land. Can be converted to residential.
76250KULIM LANDkulimRM 19,886,880662,896 SF15.21 acre15.218 acres
76251KULIM LANDkulimRM 10,593,19452,966,000 SF1215.93 acreNear kulim hi tect park. 4.9 hectare.
65691KULIM LANDkulimRM 92,157,700Kepala Batas Lunas agriculture land for sale. Formerly paddi field.
64682KULIM LANDkulimRM 22,000,000609,840 SF14.00 acre14 acres of development land. Freehold, 100% flat. Land Facing Mainroad. Near to schools and shopping mall. Suitable for housing development or for investment.
63274KULIM LANDkulimRM 23,958,0001,089,000 SF25.00 acreSungai Ular agriculture land, freehold near Taman Desa. 5 minute drive from Kulim High-tech Park.
73907LAND FOR SALEkulimRM 17,194,221904,959 SF20.77 acre
73902LAND FOR SALEkulimRM 13,068,000653,400 SF15.00 acre15 acres land with industrial title in Lunas.
71926LAND FOR SALEkulimRM 10,592,920529,690 SF12.16 acreLand at road frontage.
73906LAND FOR SALEkulimRM 10,924,8486.6acres land in commercial & residential zone for sale in Lunas
73905LAND FOR SALEkulimRM 15,246,000land fpr sale in residential and commercial zoning in Kulim town
73908LAND FOR SALEkulimRM 22,869,000653,400 SF15.00 acre
71979KULIM LANDlunasRM 61,332,4803,833,280 SF88.00 acrelunas land Freehold Non Bumi. Jalan Utama Lunas-Padang Serai.
76767NIBONG TEBAL LANDnibong tebalRM 86,597,2803,092,760 SF71.00 acreMix development land for sale in Nibong Tebal
71977NIBONG TEBAL LANDnibong tebal387,600 SF8.89 acreTanah untuk di jual sungai bakap dekat pekan parit buntar. Freehold.
64790PENANG HILL LANDpenang hillRM 22,000,000479,100 SF10.99 acrePenang hill land selling at 2 million per acre. Hilly terain.
71664PERAK LANDperakRM 59,184,900884,200 SF20.29 acresitiawn sri manjung vacant commercial land 20.3 acres. Near to open university malaysia, gaint shopping mall. Suitable for commercial mixed development or industrial shoplots. Leasehold 90 years.
68137PERAK LANDperak174,200 SF3.99 acreBatang Padang Agriculture land for sale. Suitable for agriculture.
72387SABAH LANDsabahRM 750,000,0001,088,999,936 SF24999.99 acreSabah Palm oil estate. Tree 4-8 years. Harvest more than 8 thousand MT / month.
74642OIL PALM LANDsarawakRM 161,000,000Oil palm plantation. rm23,000 per acre. 7,000 acres.fully planted. Baram area.
65717JAWI LANDseberang perai selatanRM 14,041,632319,200 SF7.32 acre
76689JAWI LANDseberang perai selatanRM 82,764,0001,655,280 SF38.00 acreDevelopment land for sale in Jawi.
71469JAWI LANDseberang perai selatanRM 356,146,56012,719,500 SF291.99 acrejalan valdor 1st grade. Land opposite golf club.
71473JAWI LANDseberang perai selatanRM 34,724,290826,769 SF18.98 acreJawi Industrial Land. Flat land.
71470JAWI LANDseberang perai selatan12,719,500 SF291.99 acre
71479JAWI LANDseberang perai selatanRM 182,080,8009,104,040 SF209.00 acreJawi freehold flat land, next to Taman Tasek Mutiara, residential title.
65460SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai selatanRM 35,645,148509,216 SF11.68 acrevaldor industrial park land for sale facing main road.
73740SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai selatanRM 29,795,0401,568,160 SF36.00 acre1st Grade Agriculture land for sale at Seberang Perai Selatan
67709SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai selatanRM 27,181,440849,000 SF19.49 acreFirst Grade Land at Sungai Bakap valdor land very near to 2nd bridge.
71682SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai selatanRM 9,496,973211,043 SF4.84 acrevaldor 4.84 Acres 1st Grade Industrial land in Valdor. 10 minutes from Bukit Minyak Industrial Area. Surrounded Factory. Direct road to the land. Industrial zone,1st grade title near by JPJ Sungai Bakap.
63973SIMPANG EMPAT LANDseberang perai selatanRM 5,500,000This land is just beside the construction of the first 3 star hotel at Seberang Perai Selatan, which near to Bukit Minyak industrial Park.
72441SIMPANG EMPAT LANDseberang perai selatanRM 10,885,898197,925 SF4.54 acre
76592SIMPANG EMPAT LANDseberang perai selatanRM 3,371,520112,384 SF2.57 acreMainroad frontage freehold palm oil plantation ready to convert to 1st grade land
63808SUNGAI BAKAP LANDseberang perai selatanRM 25,264,000871,000 SF19.99 acre1st Grade land Potential for Industrial. Adjoining valdor industrial park RM29 p.s.f.
73197SUNGAI BAKAP LANDseberang perai selatanRM 13,721,400304,920 SF7.00 acreIndustrial land. Fronting main road.
66532SUNGAI BAKAP LANDseberang perai selatanRM 292,548,96012,700,000 SF291.55 acreSungai Bakap oil palm land. 292 acres fully functioning oil palm Estate yielding a substantial income. The land is very close to the now on-hold SouthBay East Project and across from the beautiful Bukit Jawi Golf Resort. It is freehold land. Our price is RM 23.00 psf.
44451SUNGAI BAKAP LANDseberang perai selatanRM 30,553,000509,216 SF11.68 acresungai bakap land valdor industrial estate, industry land with proposal of 89 unit terrace and 52 unit semi-D factory (plan expired).
76768SUNGAI BAKAP LANDseberang perai selatanRM 481,555,80029,185,200 SF670.00 acrePalm Oil tree plantation for sale in Sungai Bakap
67599SUNGAI BAKAP LANDseberang perai selatanRM 3,199,05666,647 SF1.53 acresungai bakap agriculture land for sale.
71424BUKIT MINYAK LANDseberang perai tengahRM 10,705,305223,027 SF5.11 acreindustrial flat land.
76170BUKIT TENGAH LANDseberang perai tengahRM 2,352,24052,200 SF1.19 acreFlat Freehold Land for development and beside road in Bukit Tengah.
76743BUKIT TENGAH LANDseberang perai tengahRM 23,600,808374,616 SF8.60 acreFirst grade industrial land for sale in Bukit Tengah
71228JURU LANDseberang perai tengahRM 4,900,500196,020 SF4.50 acrejalan juru Sungai Sembilang. Agriculture land.
76453JURU LANDseberang perai tengahRM 4,573,800130,680 SF3.00 acreJuru Land facing to Jalan Juru. Geran Mukim(Freehold)
72414JURU LANDseberang perai tengahRM 25,656,840165,528 SF3.80 acreDevelopment land. Zoning commercial. Fronting highway.
76681JURU LANDseberang perai tengahRM 4,939,704137,214 SF3.15 acreSquare land in mainroad frontage Jalan Juru
71217JURU LANDseberang perai tengahRM 29,000,000187,309 SF4.30 acreLand opposite Auto City Petronas Juru. Nearby Icon City.
71516LAND FOR SALEseberang perai tengah
73909LAND FOR SALEseberang perai tengahRM 3,528,360196,020 SF4.50 acre
74608LAND FOR SALEseberang perai tengahRM 1,700,000
71515LAND FOR SALEseberang perai tengah
72035LAND FOR SALEseberang perai tengahRM 18,295,200762,300 SF17.50 acreMachang Bubok LAND. Near to Machang Bubok Balai Polis.
71519SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai tengah
71517SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai tengah
71518SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai tengah
72037SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai tengahRM 9,123,592314,503 SF7.21 acrePermatang Pauh LAND Near to Taman Seri Arowana. Freehold, 1st Grade.
71511SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai tengah
76228SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai tengahRM 3,800,000346,300 SF7.94 acreIdeal for investment and future development potential,near to Butterworth-Kulim Highway
71513SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai tengah
67838SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai tengah328,616 SF7.54 acreland at BM for rent RM0.20/sqft. RM65,723.
71520SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai tengah
71521SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai tengah
71514SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai tengah
71522SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai tengah
71523SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai tengah
72217KEPALA BATAS LANDseberang perai utaraRM 418,176,00013,939,200 SF320.00 acreJalan Bertam land.
72128KEPALA BATAS LANDseberang perai utaraRM 420,136,20014,004,500 SF321.49 acre
71594LAND FOR SALEseberang perai utaraRM 1,841,107131,507 SF3.01 acreSeberang Prai utara land for sale.
71437LAND FOR SALEseberang perai utaraRM 1,567,44087,087 SF1.99 acrebagan ajam
71390LAND FOR SALEseberang perai utaraRM 1,000,000flat land, suitable for shop or factory.
75539LAND FOR SALEseberang perai utaraRM 370,0008,929 SF0.20 acreFirst Grade Land.
72928SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai utaraRM 1,250,00086,251 SF1.98 acreAgriculture land. Rectangular shape.
70997SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai utaraRM 2,951,56075,681 SF1.73 acrepadang benggali 1st Grade. Freehold. Road fronting. Next to residential development.
63326SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai utaraRM 5,259,000375,700 SF8.62 acrePALM OIL ESTATE 20 year palm oil plantation next bertam perdana, strategic for housing development. kepala batas
72367SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai utaraRM 3,000,000155,988 SF3.58 acre
64653SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai utaraRM 1,404,52848,300 SF1.10 acrePenaga Industrial land. DO approved for 9 units of 3 Storey Shoplots.
64591SEBERANG PERAI LANDseberang perai utaraRM 680,00057,063 SF1.30 acrePenaga Paddi field convertible to development land. Can be sub-divided into 6/7 bungalow lots.
73734SUNGAI DUA LANDseberang perai utaraRM 1,038,888115,432 SF2.64 acre2.649 acres 1st Grade Agricultural land for sale
71598SELANGOR LANDselangorRM 41,380,00030,857 SF0.70 acreSelangor Gombak Setapak land non bumi lot.
75495KEDAH LANDserdangRM 350,000land located at Serdang Kedah with access road.
54420SEBERANG PERAI LANDsungai bakapRM 3,158,762101,895 SF2.33 acrevaldor industrial estate 1st grade land near second bridge.
74632OIL PALM LANDsungai petani
74514OIL PALM LANDsungai petaniRM 216,406,08060,112,800 SF1380.00 acre1380 acres, Oil Palm Estate at Bukit Selambau Sungai Petani
74516OIL PALM LANDsungai petaniRM 204,906,24042,688,800 SF980.00 acre980 acres, Oil Palm Estate land at Pinang Tunggal Sungai Petani.
60702SUNGAI PETANI LANDsungai petaniRM 7,605,576422,532 SF9.70 acreland by road side north south high way, near sungai petani town ctr, come with one old bangalow and under ground water system. Suitable for lesurie farm, or food court etc.
73760SUNGAI PETANI LANDsungai petaniRM 79,4886,624 SF0.15 acre
76034SUNGAI PETANI LANDsungai petaniRM 106,634,8802,962,080 SF68.00 acreLand Approved for Housing Development Plan. 10minutes to Sungai Petani Town.
76595SUNGAI PETANI LANDsungai petaniRM 70,567,20011,761,200 SF270.00 acreLand with Mainroad Frontage in Bandar Amanjaya Sungai Petani
72238KULIM LANDtaipingagriculture land oil plam.
2281TELUK BAHANG LANDteluk bahangRM 10,000,000871,200 SF20.00 acrefruit estate land near Butterfly Farm. Currently Agriculture, hilly land.
72352TELUK BAHANG LANDteluk bahangRM 90,101,4201,453,250 SF33.36 acre