Last updated: 2017-10-17

IDProperty NameProperty LocationRoadPrice for rentBuiltup SizeLand SizeRoom BathFurnishingProperty Remarks
298181 STOREY SEMI DAir ItamTingkat LintangRM 1,5002,400 SF4/3Semi Furnishedwith aircon.
309942 STOREY SEMI DAir ItamJalan AngsanaRM 2,0002,400 SF4/3Semi Furnished
767972 STOREY SEMI DAir ItamJalan Goh Guan HoRM 2,200Semi Furnished
579322 STOREY SEMI DAir ItamJalan Padang TembakRM 3,0002,190 SF4,000 SFSemi FurnishedSemi-detached house at road side, big and spacious, suitable to be confinement home, or office.
483462 STOREY SEMI DAir ItamJalan JokiRM 1,7004/2Unfurnishedold house
486882 STOREY SEMI DAir ItamJalan Air ItamRM 1,6002,200 SF3/2
469042 STOREY TERRACEAir ItamMedan Lumba KudaRM 1,9004,000 SFSemi Furnishedterrace corner house, suitable for kindergarden etc, can park few cars.
648822 STOREY TERRACEAir ItamKampung MelayuRM 2,5003/2Unfurnished
768362 STOREY TERRACEAir ItamJalan Air ItamRM 4,0002,300 SF4,600 SF3/22 storey corner house close to Chung Ling High School, suitable as kindle garden, day care.
499962 STOREY TERRACEAir ItamJalan Air ItamRM 2,0001,700 SF4/3110 x 15.5'.
737313 STOREY SEMI DAir ItamJalan Air ItamRM 2,5003,540 SF4,200 SF6/6
633573 STOREY TERRACEAir ItamHilir Paya TerubongRM 2,2003,000 SF6/5UnfurnishedSUNVILLE house to let.
753223 STOREY TERRACEAir ItamJalan BoundaryRM 2,9003,000 SF1,200 SFSemi Furnished
71024SERI BENDERAAir ItamJalan Seri BenderaRM 2,5003,000 SF5/4Fully Furnished3 storey terrace gated with facilities near penang hill.
75486SERI BENDERAAir ItamJalan Seri BenderaRM 2,9003,000 SF5/5Fully Furnished3 storey terrace gated with condo facilities near penang hill. Nicely furnished unit.
768921 STOREY BUNGALOWBagan JermalJalan Bagan JermalRM 25,00010,000 SFCommercial properties for rent by the main road. Suitable for bridal house, show room and etc.
597082 STOREY SEMI DBalik PulauJalan Sungai Air Putih 1/2RM 1,5004/3Fully Furnishedclose to international school.
707532 STOREY SEMI DBalik PulauBalik PulauRM 2,0004,000 SF4/2
776862 STOREY SEMI DBalik PulauLintang Pondok Upeh 3RM 1,3003,100 SF5/4Semi Furnished
308882 STOREY SEMI DBalik PulauJalan Sungai Air PutihRM 1,5001,400 SF4/3Semi Furnished
362652 STOREY SEMI DBalik PulauJalan Air Puteh 1/3RM 1,5001,900 SF2,400 SF4/3UnfurnishedNew Double storey New Semi-D walking distance to Prince of Wales Island International School.
751882 STOREY SEMI DBalik PulauJalan Air PutihRM 1,4004/3Fully FurnishedPeaceful and quiet housing area. Near to amenities and Prince of wales international (POWS) school. Spacious land for gardening as hobby and well-maintained garden.
309192 STOREY SEMI DBalik PulauJalan Sungai Air Putih 1/4RM 1,2002,400 SF4/3Semi FurnishedBandar Baru Air Putih renovated Semi-D Double Storey house.
741462 STOREY TERRACEBalik PulauJalan Pondok UpehRM 9001,400 SF4/3UnfurnishedNear to school, wet market and also a quiet place to live in.Can park 3 cars in compound.
706192 STOREY TERRACEBalik PulauGentingRM 2,5001,400 SFSemi FurnishedPamyra
561782 STOREY TERRACEBalik PulauLorong Pondok UpehRM 1,3004/3TAMAN NYAMAN INDAH near mara university.
510922 STOREY TERRACEBalik PulauBalik PulauRM 1,1001,680 SF1,280 SF4/3UnfurnishedFully renovated, unfurnished house.
60072BOTANICA CTBalik PulauJalan Sungai Air PutihRM 2,5002,000 SF4/3Near Prince of Wales International School.
77759ORCHARDIABalik PulauJalan Lebuh Urkardia 12,650 SFUnfurnished
52816PALMYRA RESIDENCESBalik PulauJalan Sungai Nipah RM 1,3001,625 SF1,364 SF4/3Fully FurnishedLand area 22' x 62' (Type A).
63952PALMYRA RESIDENCESBalik PulauJalan Sungai Nipah 8RM 1,2002,400 SF4/3Semi FurnishedGrills, Awning and basic fans plus 2 Air Conditional fixed
49664PALMYRA RESIDENCESBalik PulauJalan Sungai Nipah 6RM 1,1001,281 SF1625UnfurnishedPALMYRA RESIDENCES balik pulau.
59108PALMYRA RESIDENCESBalik PulauJalan Sungai Nipah RM 1,8002,400 SF4/3UnfurnishedPALMYRA RESIDENCES
64872PALMYRA RESIDENCESBalik PulauJalan Sungai Nipah RM 1,2001,625 SF1,800 SF4/3Unfurnishedend lot with side land.
15272 STOREY BUNGALOWBatu FerringhiPantai MiamiRM 8,0004,672 SF8,170 SF6/5Coastal bungalow house near to beach.
763693 STOREY TERRACEBatu FerringhiSolok Pantai BatuRM 5,5004,400 SF4/4Fully Furnished3 storey house With big garden. seaview. Suitable for office.
689103 STOREY TERRACEBatu FerringhiPuncak Ria3,300 SF1,980 SF5/3UnfurnishedPuncak Ria TOWNHOUSE.
460263 STOREY TERRACEBatu FerringhiChangkat RiaRM 2,0003,000 SF2,000 SF4/4UnfurnishedMount pleasure terrace with seaview from 3rd floor and roof top garden.
74375BAYU FERRINGHI SEMI DBatu FerringhiJalan Bayu 1RM 5,0003,440 SF3,500 SF5/5Fully Furnished
64423BAYU FERRINGHI SEMI DBatu FerringhiJalan Bayu 1RM 4,5003,450 SF4,200 SF4/3Semi Furnishednew house walking distance to beach hotels.
77788BAYU FERRINGHI SEMI DBatu FerringhiJalan BayuRM 5,0003,442 SF3,206 SF4/3Semi FurnishedRenovated Semi-D for rent at Batu Ferringhi.
74680EDEN FERRINGHIBatu FerringhiJalan Sungai Emas 4RM 1,6002,200 SF4/3Unfurnished
3420EDEN FERRINGHIBatu FerringhiJalan Sungai Emas 3RM 1,4001,600 SF2,200 SF4/3Unfurnishedsemi detached house. Quiet greenery.
40882EDEN FERRINGHIBatu FerringhiJalan Sungai EmasRM 1,5002,200 SF2,300 SF4/3Semi FurnishedEden Ferringhi resort home semi dee.
11709EDEN FERRINGHIBatu FerringhiJalan Sungai Emas 1RM 1,6002,200 SF2,400 SF4/3UnfurnishedSemi-dee near uplands international school.
61069FERRINGHI HEIGHTSBatu FerringhiChangkat Batu Ferringhi 1RM 5,0004,001 SF2,971 SF4/3FERRINGHI HEIGHTS near Dalat International school
76155FERRINGHI HEIGHTSBatu FerringhiChangkat Batu Ferringhi 1RM 5,0005/5Semi FurnishedBatu Ferringhi seaview bungalow house for rent.
76154FERRINGHI HEIGHTSBatu FerringhiChangkat Batu Ferringhi 1RM 5,0003,600 SF4,200 SF5/5Semi FurnishedBatu Ferringhi seaview bungalow house for rent.
76156FERRINGHI HEIGHTSBatu FerringhiChangkat Batu Ferringhi 1RM 5,0005/5Semi FurnishedBatu Ferringhi seaview bungalow house for rent.
51365FERRINGHI HEIGHTSBatu FerringhiChangkat Batu Ferringhi 1RM 5,0004,001 SF3,767 SF4/3FurnishedNice house for sale. Walk acrosss the beach.
61162FERRINGHI HEIGHTSBatu FerringhiChangkat Batu Ferringhi 1RM 6,0004,000 SF5,619 SF4/5Fully Furnishedrenovated and furnish, 4 bedroom sea facing with big garden
77696FERRINGHI PARKBatu FerringhiLengkok Sungai Emas 2RM 3,0005/4
23309FERRINGHI PARKBatu FerringhiLengkok Sungai Emas 2RM 4,5002,872 SF2,590 SF5/5FurnishedRenovated Residential House Semi-D Double Storey.
72604FERRINGHI PARKBatu FerringhiLengkok Sungai Emas 2RM 3,0002,872 SF3,745 SF5/4Semi Furnished3 storey semi d, corner unit with nice garden, with wet kitchen.
23699FERRINGHI VILLABatu FerringhiJalan Ferringhi Indah 3RM 3,3001,760 SF3,000 SF3/2Fully furnishednew 2.5 storey villa walking distance to seaside.
60908FERRINGHI VILLABatu FerringhiJalan Ferringhi Indah 3RM 5,0004,000 SF6,000 SF3/3spacious villa with seaview.
55806FERRINGHI VILLABatu FerringhiJalan Ferringhi Indah 3RM 5,5002,300 SF4,400 SF3/3Fully furnishedSeaview and come with Full facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, 24 hours security, etc.
73714FERRINGHI VILLABatu FerringhiJalan Ferringhi IndahRM 3,2007/5Fully Furnished7 rooms, fully furnished and with ac for rental.
74771FERRINGHI VILLABatu FerringhiJalan Ferringhi Indah 3RM 7,00013,900 SF15,000 SF5/4Furnished
43678FERRINGHI VILLABatu FerringhiJalan Ferringhi Indah 1RM 5,5003,800 SF9,070 SF5/5Semi FurnishedNewly renovated villa walking distance to beach.
73303FERRINGHI VILLABatu FerringhiJalan Ferringhi IndahRM 3,200Fully furnishedfurnished & renovated boutique bungalow with clubhouse facilities
66047FERRINGHI VILLABatu FerringhiJalan Ferringhi Indah 3RM 3,9002,300 SF3/3Fully Furnished4 storey bungalow.
42655FERRINGHI VILLABatu FerringhiJalan Ferringhi Indah 3RM 6,0002,300 SF4,500 SF3/3FERRINGHI VILLA renovated 3 storey Villa Bungalow with seaview and gated facilities.
27930FERRINGHI VILLABatu FerringhiJalan Ferringhi Indah 3RM 3,5003,391 SF3/2Fully furnished2.5 storey villa with gated 24 hours security, tennis court, swimming pool. FACING SEA.
74400FERRINGHI VILLABatu FerringhiJalan Ferringhi Indah 5RM 3,5003,500 SF5/4Fully FurnishedFully renovated and fully furnished with move in condition. Panoramic sea view with garden
77577FERRINGHI VILLABatu FerringhiJalan Ferringhi Indah 5RM 4,5003/2Fully FurnishedFully furnished unit for rental in Ferringhi Villa
49445HILLTOP VILLASBatu FerringhiTingkat Batu FerringhiRM 12,0006,600 SF6/8Fully FurnishedHILL TOP VILLAS sea view.
50882HILLTOP VILLASBatu FerringhiTingkat Batu FerringhiRM 10,0004,369 SF6,459 SF4/5Fully Furnished4 Storey sea view bungalow with Lift. Fully renovated show unit standard.
73267LA FERRINGHIBatu FerringhiBatu FerringhiRM 3,0005/3Semi furnished
66127MOONLIGHT BAYBatu FerringhiJalan Batu FerringhiRM 9,0003,500 SF3,800 SF4/4Semi FurnishedBeautiful villa comes with seaview.
50390MOONLIGHT BAYBatu FerringhiJalan Batu FerringhiRM 12,0007,500 SF5,050 SF6/5Fully FurnishedMOONLIGHT BAY fully renovated.
61490MOONLIGHT BAYBatu FerringhiJalan Batu FerringhiRM 10,8003,800 SF4,037 SF6/4Fully Furnished4 storey villa with swimming pool
44343MOONLIGHT BAYBatu FerringhiJalan Batu FerringhiRM 12,0004,200 SF4,618 SF5/4MOONLIGHT BAY batu ferringhi gated and guarded prime bungalow furnished for rent.
50313MOONLIGHT BAYBatu FerringhiJalan Batu FerringhiRM 18,0009,500 SF6,846 SF6/5Fully FurnishedFully renovated furnished luxury villa seaview with private pool. 9,500 sq feet.
50082MOONLIGHT BAYBatu FerringhiJalan Batu FerringhiRM 12,0006,500 SF5,104 SF6/5furnishedMOONLIGHT BAY fully renovated.
70088MOONLIGHT BAYBatu FerringhiJalan Batu FerringhiRM 8,0004,000 SF4,500 SF5/5
45148MOONLIGHT BAYBatu FerringhiJalan Batu FerringhiRM 10,0004,800 SF2,760 SF4/3FurnishedMOONLIGHT BAY brand new 3 storey villa overlooking the sea.
73981MOONLIGHT BAYBatu FerringhiJalan Batu FerringhiRM 11,0004,450 SF4,000 SF5/6Fully FurnishedPrivate pool,Seaview,Water Heater,Bathtub,Renovated
50832SHAMROCK BEACHBatu FerringhiJalan Pantai BatuRM 7,8003,700 SF4,700 SF5/5Fully FurnishedNew 3-storey villa overlooking the sea. Corner Unit. Fully Furnished & renovated to show unit standard.
64195SHAMROCK BEACHBatu FerringhiJalan Pantai BatuRM 4,0003,272 SF1,579 SF5/5
40052SHAMROCK BEACHBatu FerringhiJalan Pantai BatuRM 3,5003,000 SF5/5Semi furnished3 storey link house with seaview.
51750SHAMROCK BEACHBatu FerringhiSolok Pantai Batu 2RM 4,8003,700 SF4,700 SF5/5Fully Furnishednew 3 storey hse , 5 room 5 bath, interior designer furniture with BBQ and bar & garden.
60275SHAMROCK BEACHBatu FerringhiJalan Pantai BatuRM 3,5003,100 SF1,787 SF6/4Semi furnishedphase 3 new house. install kitchen cabinet, aircond, fans, lights, curtains.
51768SHAMROCK BEACHBatu FerringhiJalan Pantai BatuRM 3,8003,173 SF5/4Semi furnishedShamrock Beach seaview unit. Reno with air con, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, etc.
77142TROPIKA FERRINGHIBatu FerringhiLengkok TropikaRM 8,0003,229 SF8/7Fully FurnishedCan fit family more than 10 pax
39519TROPIKA FERRINGHIBatu FerringhiSolok Tropika 2RM 5,0004,040 SF2,800 SF5/3Semi FurnishedFERRINGHI PARK TROPIKA Semi Dee 3-Storey Gated & guarded with hills view.
656711 STOREY TERRACEBatu MaungSolok Batu MaungRM 1,3001,200 SF3/2
777631 STOREY TERRACEBatu MaungTaman IpingRM 1,2003/3Single storey terrace house at Batu Maung Iping for rent
464182 STOREY SEMI DBatu MaungBatu MaungRM 1,8002,200 SF4/3
394662 STOREY SEMI DBatu MaungJalan Batu MaungRM 2,2002,484 SF2,560 SF4/3brand new semi-detached house near southbay city.
575402 STOREY SEMI DBatu MaungBatu MaungRM 2,0002,000 SF4/3Unfurnishedsemi dee house beside main road can use as commecial.
705942 STOREY SEMI DBatu MaungBatu MaungRM 2,5002,000 SF4/3Semi FurnishedRenovated semi detached.
772102 STOREY TERRACEBatu MaungBatu MaungRM 1,6004/3UnfurnishedDouble storey terrace with size (22 x 92) ft, total build up area 2420 sq ft, beside South Bay.
36862 STOREY TERRACEBatu MaungTaman Sri MewahRM 1,7001,300 SF3/2Taman Sri Mewah.
348112 STOREY TERRACEBatu MaungTaman Sri Mewah IndahRM 1,4001,900 SF2,700 SF5/3Corner house Land area 2700sqft, Build up 1900sqft.
697962 STOREY TERRACEBatu MaungPermatang Damar LautRM 1,0002,000 SF4/2Unfurnishedhouse near penang 2nd bridge.
646072 STOREY TERRACEBatu MaungTaman Sri Mewah IndahRM 1,5001,980 SF1,540 SF3/2Can park 2 cars.
255242 STOREY TERRACEBatu MaungBatu MaungRM 1,8001,628 SF2,080 SF4/3Taman Sunway Mutiara New Terrace Double Storey Corner.
266632 STOREY TERRACEBatu MaungTingkat Batu MaungRM 1,4001,540 SF4/3new house.
55987DESA BATU MAUNGBatu MaungLorong TempoyakRM 2,5001,800 SF4/3new house opposite southbay residence.
75338LEGENDA@SOUTHBAYBatu MaungJalan Teluk TempoyahRM 8,5006,830 SF10,118 SF6/6Semi Furnished
75442SOUTHBAY RESIDENCEBatu MaungJalan SouthbayRM 2,4006/6Fully Furnished
71040SOUTHBAY RESIDENCEBatu MaungJalan Southbay 2RM 2,3003,160 SF1,650 SF6/6Unfurnished
48468SOUTHBAY RESIDENCEBatu MaungJalan Southbay 1RM 3,5003,130 SF3,300 SF6/6Fully FurnishedSOUTHBAY RESIDENCE Corner unit. Fully renovated.
65270SOUTHBAY RESIDENCEBatu MaungJalan Southbay 1RM 2,5003,130 SF1,920 SF6/4Semi Furnishedrenovated, extra long land area.
57673SOUTHBAY RESIDENCEBatu MaungJalan Southbay 4RM 2,8003,130 SF6/6Unfurnished
61461SOUTHBAY RESIDENCEBatu MaungJalan Southbay 7RM 2,5003,130 SF1,650 SF6/5Unfurnishedgated and guarded compound with clubhouse facilities.
63836SOUTHBAY RESIDENCEBatu MaungJalan Southbay 2RM 2,5003,130 SF1,650 SF6/6Semi FurnishedNewly renovated and partially furnished.
63268SOUTHBAY RESIDENCEBatu MaungJalan Southbay 5RM 2,5003,130 SF1,650 SF5/5Unfurnished5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms. Gated and guarded security with pool and facilities.
77388SUNWAY CASSIABatu MaungJalan Kekabu RM 4,0002,700 SF5/5Semi FurnishedPrice negotiable
73235SUNWAY CASSIABatu MaungJalan Kekabu RM 1,6002,700 SF1,300 SF5/5UnfurnishedNew 3 storey house at Batu Maung for rent, close to Diamond Valley and Penang 2nd Bridge.
38804SUNWAY MUTIARABatu MaungLorong Batu Nilam 6RM 2,2001,800 SF4/3Semi FurnishedSUNWAY MUTIARA terrace corner.
62372SUNWAY TUNAS JAYABatu MaungPermatang Damar LautRM 1,2001,500 SF4/3Semi FurnishedFacing playground, plenty of car parks.
53054SUNWAY TUNAS JAYABatu MaungPermatang Damar LautRM 1,3001,550 SF1,400 SF4/3Semi FurnishedWith grills, kitchen cabinets and lights and fans.
386781 STOREY SEMI DBayan BaruBayan BaruRM 1,6003/2near sunshine square can use for commercial.
431471 STOREY TERRACEBayan BaruBayan BaruRM 1,2001,200 SF3/1UnfurnishedSingle storey house near sunshine square.
41991 STOREY TERRACEBayan BaruLorong Mahsuri 3RM 1,1001,200 SF3/2UnfurnishedUnfurnished single storey house to let.
559082 STOREY SEMI DBayan BaruPantai Jerejak 7RM 2,5002,400 SF3,420 SF4/3Semi furnished
735792 STOREY TERRACEBayan BaruPersiaran Mahsuri 2/1RM 1,500900 SF1,200 SF4/22 storey terrace to let
526742 STOREY TERRACEBayan BaruPersiaran Mayang Pasir 3RM 1,1001,150 SFUnfurnished
77209SUNWAY TUNASBayan BaruPersiaran MahsuriRM 1,9502,000 SF4/3Semi FurnishedRenovated & extended unit, with kitchen cabinet, 2 aircon.
53043SUNWAY TUNASBayan BaruPersiaran MahsuriRM 1,5001,400 SF4/3Semi furnishedPartially furnished with fridge, heater, washing machine, air conditioner, etc..
77256SUNWAY TUNASBayan BaruPersiaran MahsuriRM 2,0002,000 SF4/3Semi FurnishedRenovated and partially furnished
63777SUNWAY TUNASBayan BaruPersiaran MahsuriRM 1,3003/2Unfurnished2 carparks.
735752 STOREY SEMI DBayan LepasJalan Kolam IkanRM 1,9004/3Unfurnished
734152 STOREY TERRACEBayan LepasBayan LepasRM 1,4001,400 SF3/3near batu muang.
772082 STOREY TERRACEBayan LepasLintang Sungai Tiram 3RM 2,2001,800 SF1,400 SF4/3Semi Furnished5 min to airport, industrial areas and schools, security camera installed.
779392 STOREY TERRACEBayan LepasLorong Sungai TiramRM 1,8002,400 SF1,400 SF4/3Semi Furnished
390403 STOREY TERRACEBayan LepasSungai AraRM 2,0001,400 SF5/4FurnishedFurnished house near airport and ftz, with 24 security.
71962BAY GARDENBayan LepasPersiaran Bayan IndahRM 5,5004,500 SF5/6Fully Furnished
77243BAY GARDENBayan LepasPersiaran Bayan IndahRM 4,2005/6
73111D'RESIDENCEBayan LepasJalan Bayan Mutiara 10RM 4,0006,000 SF4,000 SF5/6Semi FurnishedD residence terrace corner with big land gated and guarded.
47274D'RESIDENCEBayan LepasBayan MutiaraRM 4,5004,500 SF7,600 SFD'RESIDENCE gated and guarded.
55097D'RESIDENCEBayan LepasBayan MutiaraRM 3,3003,100 SF3,100 SF5/4Semi furnishedWalking distance to Queensbay Mall and seaside. Gated and guarded community.
73118D'RESIDENCEBayan LepasJalan Bayan Mutiara 10RM 4,0006,000 SF4,000 SF5/4Semi furnishedCorner unit.
76274KRYSTAL COURTBayan LepasLebuh Bukit Kecil 6RM 2,2001,728 SF4/2Semi Furnished2.5 storey gated townhouse. Near FTZ area.
73849TREE RESIDENCEBayan LepasLorong Rajawali 7RM 2,0004/3
752802 STOREY SEMI DBukit DumbarBukit DumbarRM 2,000Unfurnished
348382 STOREY TERRACEBukit GambierLorong Permai 2RM 1,2001,400 SF5/3Unfurnishedhouse near penang USM for rent. Taman Bukit Gambier.
73442ASHLEY GREENBukit GambierJalan Bukit Gambier2,950 SF5/4UnfurnishedAsley green 2.5 storey semi-dee new original unit.
52708SUNWAY BUKIT GAMBIERBukit GambierHalaman Bukit Gambier 9RM 3,0002,400 SFFurnishedSunway Bukit Gambier 2.5 storey terrace renovated.
73903SUNWAY BUKIT GAMBIERBukit GambierHalaman Bukit Gambier 9RM 1,8002,413 SF5/5Semi FurnishedPart furnished with 5 units of air conditioner and built-in kitchen cabinet.
38821SUNWAY BUKIT GAMBIERBukit GambierHalaman Bukit Gambir 9RM 2,6002,923 SF2,669 SF6/5UnfurnishedSemi dee. land 2,669sf 30 X 89 and builtup 2,923sf.
55779SUNWAY BUKIT GAMBIERBukit GambierHalaman Bukit Gambier 6RM 3,5003,000 SF3,500 SF6/5Fully FurnishedFully renovated, close to USM
26957SUNWAY BUKIT GAMBIERBukit GambierHalaman Bukit Gambier 9RM 1,8001,800 SF2,200 SF5/5Semi FurnishedHouse with auto gate, fully aircond, etc.
380872 STOREY BUNGALOWBukit JambulLebuh Bukit JambulRM 16,0006,000 SF12,325 SF8/6Semi FurnishedDouble Storey Bungalow near golf course. Suitable for commercial.
98172 STOREY BUNGALOWBukit JambulLebuhraya Bukit JambulRM 9,0009,500 SF5/4bangalow with golf course view.
625582 STOREY SEMI DBukit JambulSolok Bukit Jambul 4RM 2,5004,000 SF5,000 SF4/3Unfurnishedsemi detached house with big compound.
758972 STOREY TERRACEBukit JambulBukit Jambul 6RM 2,5004/3
355992 STOREY TERRACEBukit JambulJalan Tun Dr AwangRM 2,5003,000 SF4/3near golf course.
764913 STOREY BUNGALOWBukit JambulBukit JambulRM 15,0006/6Unfurnishedsuitable for homestay, old folks home, confinement resort, education center, kindergarten, etc
100403 STOREY BUNGALOWBukit JambulBukit JambulRM 10,0004,500 SF12,000 SF6/3exclusively design with swimming pool. 12,000sf land area.
363343 STOREY BUNGALOWBukit JambulLebuh Bukit JambulRM 8,50022,000 SF5/4Fully Furnishedbangalow near golf course 22,000sf.
642683 STOREY TERRACEBukit JambulRM 2,800Furnishedfully renovated, air con fridge, washing machine etc.
643623 STOREY TERRACEBukit JambulRM 2,5006/43 storey terrace corner house. suitable for tution centre, kindergarden etc.
537313 STOREY TERRACEBukit JambulTingkat Bukit JambulRM 2,5006/4Semi Furnished
73982ASIA HILLBukit JambulJalan Bukit GambierRM 5,5003,800 SF7,000 SF5/5Semi FurnishedGated 3 storey bungalow
50007KRYSTAL GARDENBukit JambulPersiaran Bukit JambulRM 2,2002,000 SF1,800 SF4/3Semi FurnishedKRYSTAL GARDEN with facilities, swimming pool, gym. Gated community.
46710SIERRA VISTABukit JambulBukit Jambul IndahRM 2,5002,800 SF5/3Unfurnished3 storey semi dee, guarded
780822 STOREY SEMI DBukit MertajamLorong Jasa Indah 2RM 1,2002,748 SF2,604 SF5+1/2 storey semi-detached for sale
76982VILLA SERI SETIABukit TengahLorong Seri Setia 4RM 1,2001,800 SF1,400 SF4/5UnfurnishedVila Seri Setia 3 storey terrace corner house with gated and guarded low density community.
769633.5 STOREY TERRACEButterworthJalan MengkuangRM 4,5002,900 SF5/4Fully FurnishedButterworth Palm Villa 3.5 storey villa facing garden and swimming pool. House comes with Jacuzzi.
74682SHINEVILLE VILLASFarlimSolok Thean Teik 2RM 1,8006/4grille door, lights & fan
65811SHINEVILLE VILLASFarlimSolok Thean Teik 1RM 2,0003,000 SF1,400 SF6/5Unfurnished3 storey new house, close to chung ling school.
65055SHINEVILLE VILLASFarlimSolok Thean Teik 1RM 1,8003,000 SF1,400 SF6/5Unfurnishednice reno with plaster ceiling, fans, kitchen cabinet.
65814SHINEVILLE VILLASFarlimSolok Thean Teik 2RM 3,5003,000 SF2,500 SF6/5Unfurnished3 storey corner house face main road suitable for kindergarten.
64441SHINEVILLE VILLASFarlimSolok Thean Teik 1RM 2,0003,000 SF1,400 SF6/5UnfurnishedNew spacious 3 storey terrace house.
734811 STOREY SEMI DGelugorPantai Jerejak15,000 SF1/1Semi FurnishedPantai jerjak single storey semi dee.
612762 STOREY BUNGALOWGelugorJalan SelatanRM 13,0004,000 SF9,402 SFFurnished2 storey bungalow house. Located along main road highly visible suitable for commercial use.
729522 STOREY SEMI DGelugorMinden HeightsRM 1,950UnfurnishedMinden heights
352942 STOREY SEMI DGelugorPantai JerejakRM 5,0004,700 SF5/3Furnishednicely reno near queenbays mall.
653202 STOREY SEMI DGelugorJalan Sultan Azlan ShahRM 5,8003,500 SF4/2Unfurnishedmain road property, suitable for commercial usage as showroom, beauty centre, car accessories.
737302 STOREY SEMI DGelugorPersiaran Pantai Jerejak 17RM 3,0002,400 SF3,430 SF5/3
331002 STOREY SEMI DGelugorJalan Pantai JerejakRM 5,5003,700 SF4/3near pesta, commercial zone. Can park 10 cars.
567202 STOREY SEMI DGelugorMedan YorkRM 4,0006,000 SF6/4Semi furnishedNear York road.
345892 STOREY SEMI DGelugorPantai JerejakRM 5,0004,700 SF5/3Furnishedideal for expat or MM2h.
742872 STOREY TERRACEGelugorJalan Pantai JerejakRM 3,5003,500 SFCorner mint condition
39982 STOREY TERRACEGelugorPersiaran Bukit Kechil 3RM 1,5001,400 SF1,400 SF4/3Semi Furnishedbuilt-in kitchen cabinet and cupboards.
468482 STOREY TERRACEGelugorChangkat Bukit Gambier 2RM 1,8001,600 SF4/2Semi furnished
2522 STOREY TERRACEGelugorSungai GelugorRM 1,1001,400 SF3/2Unfurnishedhouse near USM.
685522 STOREY TERRACEGelugorSungai Nibong1,450 SF1,400 SF4/3taman sri nibong renovated house land 20 x 70 near queenbays mall.
384552 STOREY TERRACEGelugorLorong PermaiRM 1,3001,300 SF5/3UnfurnishedNext to Yeap Chow Ee Road.
3942 STOREY TERRACEGelugorLintang Bukit Kechil 3RM 1,2001,400 SF4/3UnfurnishedTaman Sri Nibong house close to mosque, prefer muslim
769093 STOREY BUNGALOWGelugorMinden HeightRM 3,0006,000 SF3 storey bungalow for rent
755353 STOREY SEMI DGelugorLorong Batu Uban 14,500 SF3,000 SF5/5
763413 STOREY SEMI DGelugorBatu UbanRM 1,680,0003,500 SF4,000 SFSemi Furnished
730651 STOREY BUNGALOWGeorgetownJalan GottliebRM 12,0004,000 SF5,000 SF5/2Commercial bungalow on Prime Area with busy traffic for rent.
588511 STOREY BUNGALOWGeorgetownJalan JesseltonRM 5,0005/4Semi Furnished
767091 STOREY BUNGALOWGeorgetownGeorgetownRM 3,0005,000 SFSemi Furnishedsuitable for ware house
415541 STOREY BUNGALOWGeorgetownJalan Macalister36,657 SFBangalow for residential use.
769711 STOREY BUNGALOWGeorgetownJalan GottliebRM 18,0004,000 SF10,000 SF5/2UnfurnishedSingle storey bungalow facing main road with commercial title, suitable as showroom.
192521 STOREY BUNGALOWGeorgetownLengkok JesseltonRM 5,0003,000 SF12,000 SF4/3Furnishedbuildup 3,000sf. Land area 12,000 sq ft.
765111 STOREY SEMI DGeorgetownJalan P RamleeRM 3,5005/3Unfurnished
469861 STOREY SEMI DGeorgetownJalan KelaweiRM 3,000single storey semi-d near gurney plaza, ample car park lots suitable for office.
649011 STOREY SEMI DGeorgetownJalan Tan Lu Ghee3,000 SF4/1can use for commecial.
345581 STOREY SEMI DGeorgetownLengkok BaratRM 2,8004,000 SF4/3Furnishedwestern garden house to let.
431271 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownJalan YorkRM 1,5003/2Semi Furnishedsingle storey house renovated to let.
737212 STOREY BUNGALOWGeorgetownLebuhraya JesseltonRM 8,0005,000 SF21,000 SF5/3exclusive community
737162 STOREY BUNGALOWGeorgetownLebuhraya JesseltonRM 6,00010,000 SF6/6
675312 STOREY BUNGALOWGeorgetownJalan JesseltonRM 18,00031,534 SF6/5Fully furnishedBangalow with swimming pool, a badminton court and a beautiful Balinese style foyer/garden.
737202 STOREY BUNGALOWGeorgetownLebuhraya JesseltonRM 6,5005,000 SF10,000 SF5/3exclusive community
765602 STOREY BUNGALOWGeorgetownSolok BrookRM 15,0005/4Semi Furnished
737232 STOREY BUNGALOWGeorgetownJalan Sultan Ahmad ShahRM 20,0004,000 SF15,000 SF2 storey bungalow with road frontage. Commercial value. High visibility.
74902 STOREY BUNGALOWGeorgetownTaman JesseltonRM 18,00031,534 SF6/5Fully furnishedJESSELTON bungalow with swimming pool and a Balinese style foyer & garden.
733022 STOREY BUNGALOWGeorgetownJalan Sultan Ahmad ShahRM 20,0004,000 SF15,000 SFUnfurnishedwith commercial potential
464652 STOREY SEMI DGeorgetownTaman JesseltonRM 3,3003/2Semi furnishedJESSELTON HOUSE
755982 STOREY SEMI DGeorgetownHalaman Free SchoolRM 3,0004,200 SF4,200 SFcan park 6 cars
92062 STOREY SEMI DGeorgetownSolok DumbarRM 1,8004,000 SF4/3Semi furnishedNear penang bridge.
733942 STOREY SEMI DGeorgetownJalan Masjid NegeriRM 8,0005,000 SFHouse facing main road which got potential for commercial usage.
595222 STOREY SEMI DGeorgetownTaman Ayer RajahRM 3,0003,600 SF7,072 SF5/4FurnishedFully air-conds with furniture, big garden with mature fruit tree.
767762 STOREY SEMI DGeorgetownJalan Air ItamRM 1,3002/1Semi Furnished
34872 STOREY SEMI DGeorgetownJalan ConcordiaRM 2,8003,250 SF4/3FurnishedSemi dee house gurney drive location. Near to shopping mall.
712462 STOREY SEMI DGeorgetownJalan KelaweiRM 15,0004,500 SFfacing main road, good for commercial.
135732 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownJalan PerakRM 1,300prewar houses few units totaling approx.10,000sf.
753042 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownJalan PetaniRM 3,5003,116 SF1,869 SFUnfurnished2 storey terrace house with big build up and parking space, potential for commercial usage.
402752 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownJalan YorkRM 1,6004/3
772122 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownJalan PerakRM 3,8001,800 SF2,500 SFUnfurnishedNear Perak Lane SJK(C) Moh Ghee Pusat and coffee shop,w alking distance to wet market.
237252 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownJalan GurdwaraRM 1,4004/3FurnishedFacing main road. Suitable for office use
649582 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownJalan Free SchoolRM 6,0005,000 SF12,808 SF5/6Semi furnishedMain road frontage, excellent for office.
755142 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownTaman Free School4,000 SFsuitable for commecial
474162 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownJalan SlimRM 1,6004/3Unfurnishedresidential house corner lot.
751652 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownJalan TrusanRM 2,4001,600 SF800 SF4/1For shop lot, warehouse, worker hostel use
753442 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownJalan Kajang2,000 SF
753862 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownLorong Air TerjunRM 2,9003,185 SF5/2UnfurnishedStrategic place, close to botanical garden with freshly air
230152 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownLorong SelamatRM 1,7001,400 SF4/3suitable for office, insurance company, laywer office etc.
758042 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownJalan Loh Boon SiewRM 3,5001,000 SF1,600 SFDouble storey house suitable for office use, off Jalan Burmah, easy access to town area.
474632 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownJalan SalweenRM 3,0003,000 SFUnfurnishedsuitable for all type of business.
744712 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownIsland GladesRM 2,0004/2
734602 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownJalan Khaw Sim BeeRM 1,6003/2
771793 STOREY BUNGALOW GeorgetownJalan GemasRM 2,0007,534 SFSemi Furnished
762623 STOREY SEMI DGeorgetownGeorgetownRM 4,0003,600 SF5+1Semi Furnished
767983 STOREY SEMI DGeorgetownJalan VermontRM 4,0004/3Semi Furnished
729423 STOREY TERRACEGeorgetownLebuh PenangRM 5,0004,845 SF1,615 SFUnfurnished
49795BUNGALOW LOTGeorgetownLebuhraya CodringtonRM 40,000bungalow house with land area 10,000 sq. feet, suitable for restoran, retail, showroom.
78195CASA GRANDEGeorgetownJalan BrookRM 4,0005,000 SF5/6FurnishedGated and guarded bungalow for rent
76198CASA GRANDEGeorgetownJalan BrookRM 5,0004/3Furnished
71897HERITAGE SHOPHOUSEGeorgetownLorong PasarRM 2,5001,328 SF664 SFFully FurnishedFully renovated heritage shophouse in heritage core zone.
74009JESSELTONGeorgetownJesseltonRM 5,5003,500 SF6,600 SF6/6Fully FurnishedRenovated with built in furniture and fittings. Big open space (Garden) for family activities
72742PREWAR HOUSEGeorgetownJalan Siang TeikRM 2,4002,000 SFUnfurnishedCan use for residence or commercial use, near Times Square.
69562PREWAR HOUSEGeorgetownJalan A.S MansoorRM 3,3002,300 SF1,479 SFUnfurnished2 storey prewar house off Transfer Road. Suitable for homestay
567181 STOREY BUNGALOWGreenlaneJalan PinhornRM 5,0003,100 SF13,000 SF6/4Unfurnishedoriginal condition bungalow with big land area 13,000 sq feet.
732761 STOREY BUNGALOW GreenlaneJalan DelimaRM 9,8004,760 SF5/5Fully furnished
732751 STOREY BUNGALOW GreenlaneJalan DelimaRM 8,5004,760 SF5/5Fully furnished
743652 STOREY SEMI DGreenlaneLorong Delima 7RM 2,8003,455 SF4/3Unfurnished
732322 STOREY TERRACEGreenlaneLorong Delima 13RM 3,0001,400 SF4/2UnfurnishedHouse near to GMC for rent
518142 STOREY TERRACEGreenlaneLorong Delima 13RM 1,7001,560 SF4/3Semi Furnisheddesa mutiara
358232 STOREY TERRACEGreenlaneLorong Delima 13RM 1,2001,400 SF4/2UnfurnishedGreenlane house for rent.
729212 STOREY TERRACEGreenlaneLorong Delima 133,500 SF2,000 SF4/3Semi FurnishedJust recently refurbished.
751202 STOREY TERRACEGreenlaneJalan Delima2,400 SF1,950 SF5/4owner selling below bank valuation!
515012 STOREY TERRACEGreenlaneLintang Delima 11RM 2,2002,080 SF1,820 SF5/3Corner house with Renovation, Suitable for Office Use.
773812 STOREY TERRACEGreenlaneLorong Delima 20RM 1,7903,000 SF4/3Semi FurnishedHardwood flooring, very good location in town.
454651 STOREY SEMI DJelutongLebuhraya GelugorRM 2,0003,200 SF3,200 SF3/2single storey semi-dee house near tesco, USM. Suitable for use as office.
88972 STOREY SEMI DJelutongSolok DumbarRM 2,0004/3bukit dumbar double storey semi-d house near tesco.
66393ARDMORE RESIDENCEJelutongJalan PenawarRM 2,8003,300 SF1,460 SF6/5with gated, pool, gym, suna room, bbq area etc.
68227ARDMORE RESIDENCEJelutongJalan PenawarRM 3,6003,300 SF1,460 SF6/5New 3 storey house at Jelutong town, gated neighborhood with clubhouse facilities (swimming pool, gym).
73204ARDMORE RESIDENCEJelutongJalan PenawarRM 3,5003,300 SF6/5Fully furnished
73920ARDMORE RESIDENCEJelutongJalan PenawarRM 3,0006/5Semi Furnished
54715RICHMONT RESIDENCESJelutongJalan JelutongRM 3,0002,700 SF1,322 SF6/7FurnishedRICHMONT RESIDENCES 3 Storey with backyark garden, Gated and guarded. Near Penang bridge.
73513PARK VIEW RESIDENCE@JURUJuruAuto cityRM 3,0002,691 SF1,872 SF5/4
73510PARK VIEW RESIDENCE@JURUJuruAuto cityRM 5,0007,674 SF3,813 SFUnfurnished
73512PARK VIEW RESIDENCE@JURUJuruAuto cityRM 5,0004,563 SF3,592 SF5/4
73511PARK VIEW RESIDENCE@JURUJuruAuto cityRM 5,0008,019 SF3,592 SF5/4
73514PARK VIEW RESIDENCE@JURUJuruAuto cityRM 3,0001,872 SF2,691 SF5/4
72989TAMAN CENDANA PERMAI JuruJalan JuruRM 1,6001,600 SFUnfurnishedrenovated
72988TAMAN CENDANA PERMAI JuruJalan JuruRM 1,4001,500 SF4/3
773072 STOREY BUNGALOWMinden Heights14 Jalan 16RM 2,8006,000 SF5/4UnfurnishedBungalow with small garden
729532 STOREY SEMI DPantai JerjakSri NibongRM 2,8003,500 SF5,000 SF6/5furnishedbig garden
309571 STOREY SEMI DPaya TerubongHappy GardenRM 1,6004/3large empty land.
479012 STOREY SEMI DPaya TerubongLebuh Rambai 14RM 2,2003,000 SF4/3Unfurnishedtaman lau geok sui house for sale, can park 4 cars.
75142 STOREY TERRACEPaya TerubongTingkat Oriental 1RM 1,0001,400 SF4/3Unfurnished
733041 STOREY BUNGALOWPulau TikusJalan KelaweiRM 18,0003,000 SF7,500 SFUnfurnished
769471 STOREY BUNGALOWPulau TikusPersiaran CantonmentRM 4,5005/4
737171 STOREY BUNGALOWPulau TikusJalan KelaweiRM 15,0007,500 SF
42851 STOREY SEMI DPulau TikusLengkok NunnRM 4,5003,000 SF4,000 SF6/3walking distance to st christopher international school.
590142 STOREY BUNGALOWPulau TikusLorong Pulau TikusRM 12,0008,344 SF6/5Unfurnished
733062 STOREY BUNGALOWPulau TikusJalan JesseltonRM 6,5005,000 SF10,000 SF
733052 STOREY BUNGALOWPulau TikusJalan JesseltonRM 8,0005,000 SF21,000 SF
534492 STOREY SEMI DPulau TikusBagan JermalRM 3,6003,000 SF4,400 SF6/3Unfurnished
462652 STOREY SEMI DPulau TikusSolok GurneyRM 4,3004,000 SF6,000 SF5/3Furnished2 minute walk to Gurney Plaza, Famous Hawker stalls (local delights) and Sea front @ Gurney Drive.
548542 STOREY SEMI DPulau TikusTaman Ayer RajahRM 4,3003,000 SF5/4Fully furnishedhouse near st christopher international school to let. Quiet location
6052 STOREY SEMI DPulau TikusJalan PeirceRM 3,7003,200 SF6/3Semi FurnishedPulau Tikus 2 storey semi detached for rent.
737512 STOREY SEMI DPulau TikusSolok BellRM 7,5004,500 SF4,100 SF5/6Fully FurnishedSuper semi detsched house to let. Fully renovated and fully furnished unit with move in condition
723012 STOREY SEMI DPulau TikusJalan PeirceRM 3,7003,000 SF4,000 SF6/3Unfurnished
381102 STOREY SEMI DPulau TikusJalan CantonmentRM 2,5004,789 SF4/3Unfurnished
693752 STOREY SEMI DPulau TikusLengkok BurmahRM 5,5003,800 SF5/3Fully Furnished
397722 STOREY SEMI DPulau TikusLengkok NunnRM 4,5006/3Furnishedfully renovated
732502 STOREY SEMI DPulau TikusJalan JonesRM 9,5002,905 SF5,700 SF5/4Unfurnished2 storey semi detached to let with extension done
751192 STOREY SEMI DPulau TikusLengkok BurmahRM 5,3005/2good exposure, suitable for commercial use
372682 STOREY TERRACEPulau TikusBagan JermalRM 1,3001,400 SF4/2Furnishednear gurney.
751182 STOREY TERRACEPulau TikusLorong BerjayaRM 2,8001,481 SF3/2
386912 STOREY TERRACEPulau TikusJalan MoulmeinRM 2,8001,700 SF4/3Unfurnished
731842 STOREY TERRACEPulau TikusJalan Raja GopalRM 1,8002,000 SF1,400 SF4/2Semi furnishedDouble storey terrace house for rent pulau tikus.
751172 STOREY TERRACEPulau TikusLebuhraya MaktabRM 3,2002,000 SF2,215 SF3/2separate TNB meter for grd & 1st floor suitable for commercial use.
400612 STOREY TERRACEPulau TikusPulau TikusRM 1,4001,400 SF1,400 SF4/2quite area
771492 STOREY TERRACEPulau TikusPulau TikusRM 3,0004/3
367352.5 STOREY TERRACEPulau TikusSolok LunasRM 3,5002,000 SF1,400 SF4/3Fully Furnishednice unit. near Glenegles hospital and gurney drive
741883 STOREY BUNGALOWPulau TikusPulau TikusRM 15,0005,600 SF14,380 SF6/6corner house
35336LEE GARDENSPulau TikusJalan Tunku Abdul RahmanRM 6,5004,000 SF4/3Semi Furnishedgated community with 24 hours security. Suitable for exparite family. Near international school.
35335LEE GARDENSPulau TikusJalan Tunku Abdul RahmanRM 6,5004,000 SF4/3FurnishedGated community with 24 hours security. Suitable for expatrite family walking distance to international school.
62183LEE GARDENSPulau TikusJalan Tunku Abdul RahmanRM 6,0004,000 SF4/3FurnishedGated community with 24 hours security. Suitable for exparite family. Near international school. No pets allowed.
97911 STOREY TERRACERelauJalan RelauRM 1,2001,400 SF3/2Unfurnishednear relau shell petrol station.
732023 STOREY SEMI DRelauSolok Relau 13,850 SF3,445 SF5/4UnfurnishedSuitable for own stay or kindergarden
76755SENTRAL GREENRelauSolok RelauRM 1,8003,036 SF5/4Unfurnished3 storey terrace house.
44865SENTRAL GREENRelauSolok RelauRM 2,0003,036 SF1,500 SF5/4UnfurnishedNew house near metropolitan park sentral green.
77046SETIA VISTARelauTingkat RelauRM 2,0002,600 SF4/3Furnished
55209SETIA VISTARelauTingkat RelauRM 1,8004/3UnfurnishedSp setia 2 storey terace house.
74064SETIA VISTARelauTingkat RelauRM 1,5004/3basic furnishing
63921SETIA VISTARelauTingkat RelauRM 3,5002,700 SF4,000 SF4/3Unfurnishedsetia vista semi-dee gated guarded with big garden.
64398SETIA VISTARelauTingkat RelauRM 2,500FurnishedSETIA VISTA house 2 storey terace for rent.
76432SETIA VISTARelauTingkat RelauRM 1,4002,800 SF1,400 SF4/3UnfurnishedGated community landed house.
75811SUMMERHILL VILLASRelauLengkok RelauRM 2,5002,850 SF2,400 SF7/5Semi Furnished
77861SERI TANJUNG PINANG AMARISSeri Tanjung PinangDenai Bayu 2RM 16,0005/4
77860SERI TANJUNG PINANG AMARISSeri Tanjung PinangDenai Bayu 2RM 16,0005/4Corner Unit with Swimming Pool
77399ROYALE NOVASimpang EmpatTaman Lembah IndahRM 1,1001,400 SF4/4
77031TAMAN KERUINGSimpang EmpatJalan Lintang Keruing 1RM 1,0002,800 SF6/3Bare UnitLarge Semi-Detached 6 rooms house for rent in low price.
344972 STOREY BUNGALOWSungai AraJalan Sungai Ara 5RM 3,50012,000 SF4/4Semi furnished
595812 STOREY BUNGALOWSungai AraRM 3,0004,000 SFSemi furnished
392992 STOREY SEMI DSungai AraPersiaran Sungai Ara 1RM 2,2003,500 SF4/3Semi Furnishedwell maintained semi-detached house.
734142 STOREY SEMI DSungai AraSungai AraRM 1,4005,000 SF4/2Suitable for kindergarden or factory workers.
632272 STOREY SEMI DSungai AraJalan Sungai Ara 5RM 2,5009,500 SF5/3
236232 STOREY TERRACESungai AraChangkat Sungai AraRM 1,2001,300 SF3/2Unfurnished2 storey terrace house
474602 STOREY TERRACESungai AraSungai AraRM 1,3004/3Furnished
44262 STOREY TERRACESungai AraLorong KenariRM 1,2001,600 SF4/3Unfurnished20x80
207362 STOREY TERRACESungai AraChangkat Sungai Ara 7RM 1,2001,400 SF3/3Unfurnished
384202 STOREY TERRACESungai AraChangkat Sungai Ara 5RM 1,2001,300 SF3/3Unfurnishedhouse near queensbay mall.
216652 STOREY TERRACESungai AraChangkat Sungai Ara 3RM 1,2001,400 SF3/3Unfurnished
713922 STOREY TERRACESungai AraDesaria KenariRM 1,6002,400 SF4/2sungai ara house to let.
774112.5 STOREY TERRACESungai AraDesa AraRM 2,0004/4Semi Furnished5 aircon
724073 STOREY SEMI DSungai AraLengkok Kenari3,300 SF4/3
46877DESARIASungai AraLengkok Kenari 3RM 1,9002,000 SF3,000 SF4/3FurnishedDesa Ria semi dee corner unit with big garden.
50146DUA VILLAS RESIDENCESungai AraLintang Rajawali 1RM 2,5002,330 SF1,650 SF4/4Fully FurnishedRenovated SP Setia dua villas residence 24 hours security with club house facilities.
53277DUA VILLAS RESIDENCESungai AraLintang Rajawali 6RM 2,4002,365 SF1,650 SF4/4Semi FurnishedDua Villas residence with aircon, heater, kitchen cabinet, auto gate.
75253DUA VILLAS RESIDENCESungai AraJalan Sungai AraRM 2,1002,350 SF1,650 SF4/4Semi Furnished
49950DUA VILLAS RESIDENCESungai AraSolok RajawaliRM 1,9002,500 SF1,680 SF4/2Semi FurnishedDua Villas @ ONE residence Gated with 24 hours security. 22 x 75 corner lot.
75870DUA VILLAS RESIDENCESungai AraJalan Sungai AraRM 3,0002,900 SF2,890 SFSemi Furnished
59076ONE RESIDENCESungai AraLorong RajawaliRM 2,3002,400 SF1,650 SF4/4Furnishedsathu terrace gated and guarded.
51177SP SETIASungai AraSungai AraRM 2,0002,200 SF1,760 SF4/3Semi FurnishedSP SETIA Gated and Guarded. Club house facility.
73526SP SETIASungai AraJalan Sungai Ara RM 2,3001,600 SF1,800 SF4/3Unfurnished
31318SP SETIASungai AraJalan KelicapRM 2,5002,459 SF1,400 SF5/4Fully FurnishedSetia Pearl Island. Builtup 2,459sf. Guarded community with 24-hours security services.
32422SP SETIASungai AraPersiaran Nuri 1RM 1,7002,495 SF1,400 SF5/4UnfurnishedSP SETIA house with gated and guarded security. 2,495 sf.
55776SP SETIASungai AraJalan NuriRM 4,0003,500 SF1,760 SF5/4FurnishedRenovated & furnished. LA 22x80.
62627SP SETIASungai AraJalan Nuri 92,500 SF1,500 SF4/4Bare Unit
76172SP SETIASungai AraJalan Nuri RM 2,5002,129 SF1,400 SF4/4Semi FurnishedReno with lightings, airconds and fans. Full set kitchen and dinning.
40641SP SETIASungai AraJalan Nuri 8RM 1,8002,366 SF1,400 SF5/4UnfurnishedSP SETIA pearl island terrace.
53297SP SETIASungai AraPersiaran Nuri 2RM 1,6002,300 SF1,690 SF5/4Semi FurnishedSetia Pearl Island new house with guarded community with 24-hours security services.
75302SP SETIASungai AraJalan Nuri 3RM 3,0002,700 SF1,540 SF5/4Fully Furnished3 storey house at Sungai Ara, guarded community, close to Bayan Lepas FIZ and international airport.
49715SP SETIASungai AraPersiaran Nuri 2RM 1,8001,890 SF2,300 SF5/4Semi FurnishedSP SETIA house 27x70 end lot. Gated & guarded.
50792SP SETIASungai AraJalan Nuri 2RM 1,8002,369 SF1,400 SF5/5Semi FurnishedSP SETIA house for rent.
75549SUNWAY MERICASungai AraPintasan Kelicap 7RM 2,0002,715 SF1,400 SF5/4UnfurnishedNew 3 storey terrace house at Sungai Ara, with balcony.
75505SUNWAY MERICASungai AraPintasan Kelicap 3RM 4,0002,715 SF2,800 SF5/4Unfurnished3 storey house at Sungai Ara, corner unit, suitable for kinder-garden, nursery home.
60445SUNWAY TUNAS JAYASungai AraPermatang Damar LautRM 1,6004/3Furnisheddouble storey townhouse near to 2nd bridge.
65708TREE RESIDENCESungai AraLorong Rajawali 6RM 2,8004/3
62628TREE RESIDENCESungai AraLorong Rajawali 6RM 2,6002,660 SFSemi FurnishedTree residence 24 hours security with club house facilities.
50887ZAN VILLASSungai AraLintang Sungai Ara 6RM 2,8003,000 SF2,200 SF4/3ZAN VILLAS semi dee house for sale.
75178ZAN VILLASSungai AraLintang Sungai Ara 6RM 2,0003,000 SF2,750 SF4/3Semi FurnishedBasic renovation with fans, lights, grills, quiet and clean surrounding, near to Bayan Lepas FIZ and airport.
241201 STOREY SEMI DSungai DuaMedan Murai 1RM 1,2002,200 SF4/3Unfurnishedsingle storey house near tesco extra hypermarket.
234592 STOREY TERRACESungai DuaLintang PekakaRM 2,2003,500 SF4/3corner house with spacious land.
692742 STOREY SEMI DSungai NibongPersiaran Pantai Jerejak 11RM 2,4003,600 SF4/3Semi Furnishedpantai jerjek house near queenbays mall.
777123 STOREY TERRACESungai NibongJalan Nipah
774821 STOREY BUNGALOWSungai PinangBalik PulauRM 8001,300 SF2/2Fully FurnishedSingle story bungalow for rent in Sungai Pinang, Balik Pulau
769071 STOREY BUNGALOWTanjung BungahHillsideRM 3,2003,200 SF7,780 SF4/3Semi FurnishedNewly renovated and semi-furnished
722931 STOREY BUNGALOWTanjung BungahLembah Permai 3RM 2,70010,000 SF4/3Unfurnishedvery big compound, facing main road with comercial potential.
625671 STOREY SEMI DTanjung BungahJalan Loh Poh HengRM 2,7002,000 SF4/2single storey semi-detached house to let.
731141 STOREY SEMI DTanjung BungahJalan Loh Poh HengRM 3,8002,400 SF3,750 SF4/4Fully Furnished
771501 STOREY SEMI DTanjung BungahTanjung BungahRM 2,8003/2Semi Furnished
772111 STOREY SEMI DTanjung BungahJalan Sungai KerianRM 1,8003,500 SF3/2Single storey semi detached house with 3 bedroom, can park 5 cars.
542842 PERMAITanjung BungahLintang Lembah Permai 12RM 2,5003,400 SF1,518 SF5/6Semi furnishedCasa Permai 2, Tanjung Bungah.
706502 PERMAITanjung BungahLintang Lembah Permai 3,400 SF1,518 SF6/5Bare unitCASA PERMAI 2 new house near tenby international school.
637742 PERMAITanjung BungahLintang Lembah PermaiRM 5,0003,400 SF2,217 SF6/52 PERMAI new 3 storey house Fully renovated and furnished.
492712 PERMAITanjung BungahLintang Lembah PermaiRM 2,5003,400 SF1,518 SF6/5Unfurnished2 PERMAI new unfurnished 3 storey house.
733012 PERMAITanjung BungahPersiaran Lembah PermaiRM 3,0003,400 SF1,600 SF5/3Semi Furnished
637802 PERMAITanjung BungahLintang Lembah PermaiRM 2,5003,400 SF1,518 SF6/5Semi furnished2 PERMAI new 3 storey house.
667402 PERMAITanjung BungahLintang Lembah PermaiRM 5,5003,400 SF1,600 SF6/5Fully FurnishedComes with CCTV and Touch & Go door access system.
637812 PERMAITanjung BungahLintang Lembah PermaiRM 2,5003,400 SF1,518 SF6/5Unfurnished2 PERMAI new 3 storey house
772822 STOREY BUNGALOWTanjung BungahTanjung BungahRM 2,0004/2Unfurnished
464312 STOREY BUNGALOWTanjung BungahLorong AbbasRM 5,0006,000 SF8,300 SF7/6Semi furnishedrenovated seaside bangalow house. Good for office, etc.
774902 STOREY BUNGALOWTanjung BungahTingkat LautRM 3,4007,600 SF3/2UnfurnishedProperty is on a small hill in between Copthorne hotel and Dalat International school.
74752 STOREY BUNGALOWTanjung BungahJalan AbbasRM 9,0009,386 SF5/3Fully furnisheddouble storey bungalow located in a quiet residential area. With a spacious sun terraces over-looking the sea.
331072 STOREY BUNGALOWTanjung BungahJalan Tan Jit SengRM 8,0005,000 SF21,000 SF4/3Furnishedland area 21,000sf and builtup 5,000sf. outdoor covered area great for entertaining and large parties
84672 STOREY BUNGALOWTanjung BungahLorong AbbasRM 8,0005,500 SF6,784 SF5/4Fully FurnishedDouble storey bungalow. Refurbished. Seaview.
739572 STOREY SEMI DTanjung BungahJalan CengaiRM 1,5004,688 SF1,700 SFUnfurnished2 storey semi detached house for rent at Tanjung Bungah, close to Penang Chinese Swimming Club
728732 STOREY SEMI DTanjung BungahJalan Marie Pitchay6,000 SF4/3Semi Furnished
774912 STOREY SEMI DTanjung BungahTingkat LautRM 2,0003/2Unfurnished
771542 STOREY SEMI DTanjung BungahJalan AzyzeRM 3,5004/2Unfurnished
468832 STOREY SEMI DTanjung BungahJalan OldhamRM 8,0002,000 SF4,100 SF4/2UnfurnishedSemi Dee Double Storey House facing tg bungah main road.
396972 STOREY SEMI DTanjung BungahJalan GajahRM 2,0003,000 SF4/3Unfurnished
449992 STOREY SEMI DTanjung BungahJalan Concord 12RM 1,8002,000 SF4/2Semi FurnishedA cozy house with large master bedroom. Side land has balinese styled palm trees. Near TESCO, Straits Quay.
613612 STOREY SEMI DTanjung BungahJalan OldhamRM 8,0002,000 SF4,100 SF5/3Unfurnished
714862 STOREY SEMI DTanjung BungahJalan GajahRM 3,3004/3
750472 STOREY TERRACETanjung BungahJalan Chee Seng 1RM 1,5001,600 SF2,000 SF4/3Unfurnished
590372 STOREY TERRACETanjung BungahLorong Sungai KerianRM 1,8002,500 SF1,400 SF3/2Unfurnished
733412 STOREY TERRACETanjung BungahLorong Sungai KerianRM 2,5002,000 SF1,000 SF3/2Unfurnished
765652 STOREY TERRACETanjung BungahLorong Sungai KerianRM 1,6003/2Semi Furnished
777472 STOREY TERRACETanjung BungahJalan Chee Seng 1RM 1,8004/3Ready to move in with renovated kitchen, cabinets and air-conditioning.
38832 STOREY TERRACETanjung BungahTanjung BungahRM 2,5001,400 SF4/3Furnishedrenovated with electric gate.
753972 STOREY TERRACETanjung BungahJalan Chee Seng 1RM 1,8001,600 SF4/3Semi FurnishedSourounding with many amenities, beach
775072 STOREY TERRACETanjung BungahPersiaran Lembah Permai 2RM 1,5001,400 SFSemi Furnished
693852.5 STOREY SEMI DTanjung BungahJalan Lembah Permai2,600 SF3,088 SF5/3Furnished
736433 STOREY TERRACETanjung BungahJalan Chee SengRM 2,0003,000 SF1,400 SF6/6UnfurnishedNice leafy neighbourhood.
455603 STOREY TERRACETanjung BungahJalan Chee Seng 7RM 1,8003,000 SF1,400 SF6/6UnfurnishedEmpty house.
427383 STOREY TERRACETanjung BungahLorong Sungei Kerian 3RM 4,2003,300 SF2,600 SF5/3Fully FurnishedCorner unit with extra land.
772933 STOREY TERRACETanjung BungahHillsideRM 1,8005/4Furnished
292103 STOREY TERRACETanjung BungahLorong Sungai KerianRM 2,5002,800 SF1,400 SF5/4FurnishedHillview garden renovated and tastefully furnished near Dalat International School.
74857ALILA HOMESTanjung BungahLorong KejoraRM 2,8003,000 SF1,400 SF5/6
62464ALILA HOMESTanjung BungahLorong KejoraRM 3,0002,400 SF1,400 SF4/4Fully FurnishedAlila Homes triple storey. Land area 1,400sf and built-up 2,400 sf feet.
75115ALILA HOMESTanjung BungahLorong KejoraRM 2,8003,000 SF1,400 SF5/6Fully Furnished
31942ALILA HOMESTanjung BungahSolok Kejora 1RM 3,3004/3FurnishedALILA GARDEN VILLAS with facilities
74041ALILA HOMESTanjung BungahLorong KejoraRM 3,5004/4Fully Furnishedwith seaview
32403ALILA HOMESTanjung BungahLorong KejoraRM 2,5002,218 SF4/4Semi furnishedalila garden villas with condo facilities type b.
48493ALILA HOMESTanjung BungahLorong KejoraRM 3,5002,218 SF4/4FurnishedALILA GARDEN VILLAS gated & guarded, near to tenby international school, tar college.
43728BEVERLY HILLSTanjung BungahLorong Tanjung Bungah 15,000 SF8,800 SF5/4BEVERLY HILLS new 3 storey house Newly built and modern design.
61220BEVERLY HILLSTanjung BungahLorong Tanjung Bungah 1RM 3,5003,000 SF1,470 SF5/5Fully Furnished
50447BEVERLY HILLSTanjung BungahLorong Tanjung Bungah 1RM 1,8002,900 SF6/4Semi FurnishedPenang BEVERLY HILLS
46359BEVERLY HILLSTanjung BungahLorong Tanjung Bungah 1RM 3,0002,900 SF1,400 SF4/2Semi FurnishedBEVERLY HILLS new 3 storey house Newly built and modern design.
74403CASA LAGENDA MUTIARATanjung BungahSolok Tan Jit SengRM 6,0004/3Semi Furnished3 storey link house with 24 hours security
74401CASA LAGENDA MUTIARATanjung BungahSolok Tan Jit SengRM 6,0002,900 SF4/3Semi Furnished3 storey link house with 24 hours security
74449CASA LAGENDA MUTIARATanjung BungahSolok Tan Jit SengRM 4,0004/3Semi FurnishedNewly renovated with extension done
465CASA PERMAITanjung BungahPersiaran Lembah PermaiRM 3,0003,000 SF2,500 SF4/3UnfurnishedCASA PERMAI Renovated house near Tenby International school and permai village shop.
51584CASA PERMAITanjung BungahLembah PermaiRM 4,5002,900 SF1,380 SF5/4Fully furnished1 Permai Fully renovated and fully furnished.
72286CASA PERMAITanjung BungahLebuh Lembah PermaiRM 2,8002,100 SF2,700 SF4/3Unfurnished2 storey semi d house to let.
42644CASA PERMAITanjung BungahLebuh Lembah PermaiRM 3,0002,100 SF4,600 SF4/3Semi FurnishedCasa Permai 1, semi dee corner house land area 4,600 square feet.
20789HILLVIEW GARDENTanjung BungahLorong Sungai KerianRM 2,6002,800 SF1,400 SF5/4FurnishedNearby international school. Builtup 2,800sf.
68594HILLVIEW GARDENTanjung BungahLorong Sungai KerianRM 2,0002,800 SF1,400 SF5/4Furnished
55976HILLVIEW GARDENTanjung BungahLorong Sungai KerianRM 2,2002,800 SF4/3UnfurnishedRenovated house to let.
72454HILLVIEW GARDENTanjung BungahLorong Sungai KerianRM 2,0002,800 SF1,400 SF5/3Semi furnishedFully aircon in all bedrooms and halls, kitchen cabinet, gas stove, fridge, dining table.
71288PERMAI GARDENTanjung BungahLintang Lembah Permai 63,500 SF1,598 SF4/4FurnishedGated and guarded with exclusive clubhouse and aesthetically designed huge swimming pool and landscaping.
73277PERMAI GARDENTanjung BungahJalan Tanjung BungahRM 3,0003,233 SF4/5Unfurnished
63938PERMAI GARDENTanjung BungahLintang Lembah Permai 6RM 3,3003,280 SF1,440 SFGuarded and gated security.
39258SEA HOMETanjung BungahJalan Tingkat LautRM 2,2002,400 SF4/3Semi FurnishedSemi-dee house with seaview.
54347SEA HOMETanjung BungahJalan Tingkat LautRM 1,200900 SF2/2Semi furnishednear dalat international school.
419051 STOREY SEMI DTanjung TokongJalan Mount EskineRM 1,7002,700 SFSemi furnishedFettes park house beside main road.
479592 STOREY BUNGALOWTanjung TokongJalan Pantai MolekRM 10,0005,500 SF11,000 SF6/5Fully furnishedBungalow Size: 12,502 sqft with 6 bedrooms.
775962 STOREY SEMI DTanjung TokongJalan Seri Tanjung Pinang RM 8,0005,000 SF6/5Fully Furnished
775952 STOREY SEMI DTanjung TokongJalan Seri Tanjung Pinang RM 8,0005,000 SF6/5Fully Furnished
21262 STOREY SEMI DTanjung TokongJalan HashimRM 3,4003,500 SF2,200 SF4/3Fully furnishedSeaview semi dee house next to beach.
747622 STOREY SEMI DTanjung TokongJalan Tanjung TokongRM 6,0002 storey semi detached house suitable for office use, close to Fettes Park, Straits Quay, and Gurney.
74888BUNGALOW LOTTanjung TokongJalan Tanjung TokongRM 19,0004,000 SF11,000 SFCommercial bungalow for rent.
75375SERI TANJUNG PINANG BUNGALOWTanjung TokongTanjung TokongRM 25,0009,040 SFFully FurnishedMartinique By The Sea
76447SERI TANJUNG PINANG BUNGALOWTanjung TokongDenai Bayu 16RM 10,0005,332 SF4,999 SF6/6FurnishedAbreeza 3 storey villa with private swimming pool for rent. Tastefully renovated.
40045SERI TANJUNG PINANG BUNGALOWTanjung TokongDenai Bayu 16RM 10,0005,332 SF4,999 SF6/7New luxury 3-storey bangalow near sea.
77856SERI TANJUNG PINANG BUNGALOWTanjung TokongDenai Bayu 10RM 10,000Villa for rent
73786SERI TANJUNG PINANG BUNGALOWTanjung TokongDenai Bayu 12RM 10,0005,000 SF5/4Semi FurnishedFully renovated and partially furnished
42562SERI TANJUNG PINANG SEMI DTanjung TokongDenai Endau 3RM 12,0004,028 SF5,200 SF5/5Furnishedrenovated with bigger landsize (corner lot). Modern contemporary furnishing.
75150SERI TANJUNG PINANG SEMI DTanjung TokongJalan BayuRM 7,0005/6Fully Furnishedfully furnished & renovated
45741SERI TANJUNG PINANG SEMI DTanjung TokongDenai Endau 3RM 6,8004,000 SF3,600 SF5/3Fully FurnishedSERI TANJUNG PINANG house.
23665SERI TANJUNG PINANG SEMI DTanjung TokongDenai Endau 3RM 8,5003,100 SF2,560 SF5/6Furnishede & o project. Builtup 3,000 sf plus.
38555SERI TANJUNG PINANG SEMI DTanjung TokongDenai Endau 9RM 7,0004,200 SF5/6Semi FurnishedSERI TANJUNG PINANG brand new semi-detached.
74321SERI TANJUNG PINANG SEMI DTanjung TokongSeri Tanjung PinangRM 8,5005/6Fully FurnishedSemi detached corner available to let
73916SERI TANJUNG PINANG SEMI DTanjung TokongSeri Tanjung PinangRM 8,0005,100 SF6/7Fully Furnished
63877SERI TANJUNG PINANG SEMI DTanjung TokongDenai Endau 74,000 SF4,000 SF5/6Semi Furnishedreno and furnished
72507SERI TANJUNG PINANG SEMI DTanjung TokongDenai Endau 3RM 6,0004,200 SF3,800 SF4/3Semi Furnished
76077SERI TANJUNG PINANG SEMI DTanjung TokongDenai Endau 11RM 5,6005/6Furnished
31062SERI TANJUNG PINANG SEMI DTanjung TokongDenai Bayu 2RM 4,5002,900 SF1,920 SF5/4Fully FurnishedSERI TANJUNG PINANG house for rent.
71713SERI TANJUNG PINANG SEMI DTanjung TokongDenai Bayu 2RM 11,0005,000 SF5,000 SF6/5FurnishedNew super semi dee house with swimming pool near gurney.
75446SERI TANJUNG PINANG SEMI DTanjung TokongJalan BayuRM 6,0005/6Fully Furnished
76574SERI TANJUNG PINANG SEMI DTanjung TokongDenai Endau 9RM 6,5004,036 SF3,666 SF5/6Fully Furnished40'X80' , renovated & furnished
35697SERI TANJUNG PINANG TERRACETanjung TokongDenai Pinang 20RM 5,0002,900 SF1,920 SF5/4FurnishedSERI TANJUNG PINANG eastern design.
46985SERI TANJUNG PINANG TERRACETanjung TokongDenai Pinang 6RM 6,5002,900 SF5/4Fully FurnishedSERI TANJUNG PINANG E&O terrace house.
65387SERI TANJUNG PINANG TERRACETanjung TokongDenai Pinang 32RM 4,2002,900 SF5/4Semi FurnishedSERI TANJUNG PINANG house for rent.
70067SERI TANJUNG PINANG TERRACETanjung TokongDenai Pinang 22RM 6,8006,000 SF3,800 SF5/6Semi Furnished
76095SERI TANJUNG PINANG TERRACETanjung TokongMedan BayuRM 4,0005/4Furnished
28407SERI TANJUNG PINANG TERRACETanjung TokongDenai Pinang 20RM 4,0003,300 SF1,920 SF5/4Semi FurnishedE&O house phase 2. buildup 24' x 60' approx 3,300 sf.
46617SERI TANJUNG PINANG TERRACETanjung TokongMedan BayuRM 4,0002,900 SF1,920 SF5/4Semi FurnishedE&O house new phase with sea view.
74238SERI TANJUNG PINANG TERRACETanjung TokongDenai Pinang 20RM 5,5003,000 SF4,300 SF5/5FurnishedFully renovated and furnished corner unit to let
74237SERI TANJUNG PINANG TERRACETanjung TokongTanjung TokongRM 6,0003,800 SFFully FurnishedCorner unit Fully renovated and fully furnished
56375SERI TANJUNG PINANG TERRACETanjung TokongDenai Pinang 22RM 4,0002,900 SF1,920 SF4/4Semi FurnishedE&O house for rent.
76091SERI TANJUNG PINANG TERRACETanjung TokongDenai Pinang 22RM 4,2005/4Furnished
74291SERI TANJUNG PINANG TERRACETanjung TokongDenai Pinang 30RM 5,0002,900 SF1,920 SF5/4Fully FurnishedFully furnished and fully renovated
47032SERI TANJUNG PINANG TERRACETanjung TokongDenai Pinang 6RM 4,0006/5Semi FurnishedE&O properties for rent.
74392SERI TANJUNG PINANG TERRACETanjung TokongDenai Bayu 26RM 15,0005,226 SF5/4Fully FurnishedCorner unit superlink with swimming pool. Built-up 5226sf.
76089SERI TANJUNG PINANG TERRACETanjung TokongDenai Pinang 2RM 4,2005/4FurnishedRenovated and furnished
73396SERI TANJUNG PINANG TERRACETanjung TokongDenai Pinang 18RM 5,0002,900 SF5/4Semi Furnished
65778SIMFONIATanjung TokongDesiaran TanjungRM 3,0003,600 SF6/5Unfurnishedcorner house near TESCO seri tanjung pinang.
49714SIMFONIATanjung TokongDesiaran TanjungRM 3,5003,800 SF6/5Unfurnishedsimfonia terrace house new good for kindergarden, large land. Near Tesco.
58537SIMFONIATanjung TokongDesiaran TanjungRM 2,7003,000 SF3,400 SF6/5FurnishedSIMFONIA new house near tesco and gurney.
735271 STOREY BUNGALOWTeluk BahangJalan Teluk BahangRM 8,0002,000 SF2.7 acre
609012 STOREY BUNGALOWTeluk Kumbarone storey bangalow and 2 storey bangalow each by the road, with ample land suitable for commecial use, hostel, light ind. Etc.
371372 STOREY SEMI DTeluk KumbarJalan Bukit BelahRM 2,2002,350 SF5/3Semi FurnishedEMERALD PARK semi-D house completed 2010.
651942 STOREY SEMI DTeluk KumbarSolok Teluk KumbarRM 2,0003,000 SF5/4Semi FurnishedBeach Home (taman sri pantai). Beach front 3 floor semi Dee. Fantastic atmosphere. large compound.
733972 STOREY SEMI DTeluk KumbarSolok Teluk KumbarRM 2,8003,000 SF5/4Semi Furnished
233432 STOREY TERRACETeluk KumbarJalan Sungai Batu 1RM 1,2001,600 SF3,065 SF4/3Semi FurnishedResidential House Terrace Double Storey Corner.
617672 STOREY TERRACETeluk KumbarRM 1,2001,400 SF1,800 SFSemi Furnishedhouse for rent near sea.
530492 STOREY TERRACETeluk KumbarSungai BatuRM 1,5001,400 SF4/3Unfurnishednew house close to sea side.
680192 STOREY TERRACETeluk KumbarJalan Pasir BelandaRM 1,0002,600 SF1,300 SF4/2Semi furnished2.5 storey terrace house.
493492 STOREY TERRACETeluk KumbarTeluk KumbarRM 1,3001,400 SF4/3Unfurnishedteluk kumbar height new house 2012.
246053 STOREY SEMI DTeluk KumbarTeluk KumbarRM 3,0003,000 SF2,800 SF5/43 storey new semi-d near beach with seaview.
777583 STOREY SEMI DTeluk KumbarLintang Teluk Kumbar2,900 SF2,700 SF5/4FurnishedFully renovated & extended - seafront house
466963 STOREY SEMI DTeluk KumbarTeluk KumbarRM 2,0003,000 SF3,000 SF5/3TAMAN SERI PANTAI
42524EMERALD PARKTeluk KumbarSolok Bukit Belah 4RM 2,7001,800 SF2,300 SF5/3Fully FurnishedEMERALD PARK Double Storey semi-dee.
46064EMERALD PARKTeluk KumbarJalan Bukit BelahRM 3,5002,200 SF2,400 SF5/3FurnishedEMERALD PARK
16910KRYSTAL COUNTRY HOMETeluk KumbarJalan Bukit BelahRM 1,3002,100 SF1,000 SF5/4Unfurnished3 Storey builtup 2,100sf. Near to FTZ.
28339KRYSTAL COUNTRY HOMETeluk KumbarJalan Bukit BelahRM 3,8002,700 SF4/4Fully FurnishedRenovated Residential House Semi-D 3-Storey.
53052KRYSTAL COUNTRY HOMETeluk KumbarJalan Bukit BelahRM 1,4002,500 SF5/3Unfurnished3-storey corner house, gated n guarded.
66374KRYSTAL COUNTRY HOMETeluk KumbarJalan Bukit BelahRM 1,3002,160 SF860 SF5/4Unfurnished3 storey townhouse. Land area 860sf. Builtup 2,160sf.
8799KRYSTAL COUNTRY HOMETeluk KumbarJalan Bukit BelahRM 1,3002,000 SF1,400 SF5/3Unfurnishedkrystal country homes Builtup 2,000sf.Semi dee.
46881LAGENDA EMERALDTeluk KumbarLorong Teluk Kumbar 2RM 1,7003,300 SF4/3Unfurnishedlagenda emerald.
50404SUNWAY ASPERATeluk KumbarLintang Sungai Batu 5RM 2,2002,465 SF3,250 SF4/3UnfurnishedSunway aspera 2 storey terrace corner with extra land. By the seaside.
72016SUNWAY ASPERATeluk KumbarLintang Sungai Batu1,600 SF1,200 SF4/3Unfurnished
34403VANILLA BAYTeluk KumbarTingkat Sungai Batu 5RM 1,0001,200 SF4/3Semi furnishedvanilla bay new house nearby sea.