Last updated: 2017-06-23

IDProperty NameProperty LocationPrice for saleBuiltup SizeLand SizeProperty Remarks
76134KEDAH LANDBalingRM 1,619,10053,970 SFIndustrial land in kedah padang meha baling approx 1.2 acre
51276BATU MAUNG FACTORYBatu MaungRM 10,000,00010,560 SF13,918 SFFor sale with tenancy bu 10,560 AND LA 13,918.
51274BATU MAUNG FACTORYBatu MaungRM 11,000,00016,167 SF19,865 SFBatu Maung diamond valley warehouse. semi detached factory.
50640BATU MAUNG FACTORYBatu MaungRM 11,000,00016,167 SF19,800 SFnew 2 storey factory, near FTZ and penang 2nd link.
74568BATU MAUNG FACTORYBatu MaungRM 2,700,0003,649 SF
45850BATU MAUNG FACTORYBatu MaungRM 10,000,00016,167 SF20,078 SFland 20,078 and built-up 16,167 square feet.
43308BATU MAUNG FACTORYBatu Maung2,100 SFbatu muang factory height 12'
58281DIAMOND VALLEYBatu MaungRM 7,000,0008,340 SF8,650 SFNew semi-d factory. sale with tenancy. 2 storey (4000sf+ each floor) totaling 8,000 plus.
63743DIAMOND VALLEYBatu Maung4,550 SFDiamond Valley 2 storey light industrial factory Lot size 50X91.
51275FACTORY FOR SALEBatu MaungRM 6,200,00011,650 SF10,890 SFfactory
59797FACTORY TO LETBatu MaungRM 11,000,00016,167 SF20,000 SFnear 2nd bridge, new industrial units, 2 cargo lifts, heavy loading floor @500lbsf.
68012FACTORY TO LETBatu MaungRM 11,000,00016,167 SF20,000 SFdouble storey factory near 2nd bridge, new industrial units, 2 cargo lifts, heavy loading floor @500lbsf.
63762WAREHOUSEBatu MaungRM 11,000,00016,167 SF20,078 SF2 storey wharehouse Weight Ground Floor - 500 pound/ sqft. 1st Floor - 300 pound/ sqft. Lift - 2 tonnes. Height per floor 4.5 meters.
63763WAREHOUSEBatu MaungRM 11,000,00016,167 SF19,865 SFPermatang damar laut 2 storey wharehouse per floor 4.5 meters. Lift 2 tonnes.
73945BAYAN LEPAS FACTORYBayan BaruRM 17,000,00040,000 SF
65846BAYAN LEPAS FACTORYBayan Lepas80,000 SFsungai tiram light industrial park.
63933BAYAN LEPAS FACTORYBayan LepasRM 6,000,0007,400 SF6,000 SFBayan Lepas Sungai Tiram factory for sale.
64993BAYAN LEPAS FACTORYBayan LepasRM 6,000,0007,400 SFnew 3-storey factory for sale. Warehouse factory.
67701BAYAN LEPAS FACTORYBayan LepasRM 5,800,0007,128 SF6,442 SF3 storey s/d with lift light industrial factory. Land 6,442 sf and builtup 7,128 sf.
76773BAYAN LEPAS FACTORYBayan LepasRM 31,000,00028,074 SF43,572 SFFactory for sale in Bayan Lepas Phase 4 very near to 2nd Penang Bridge.
65535BAYAN LEPAS FACTORYBayan Lepas9,000 SFBayan lepas Light Industry Park. Factory 10,000 sq. ft.
73644FACTORY FOR SALEBayan LepasRM 55,000,000120,000 SF174,240 SFFactory for sale in Bayan Lepas with tenancy. High ROI per annum.
73645FTZ FACTORYBayan LepasRM 7,000,0008,773 SF9,838 SFfactory for sale / rent near penang airport.
30044FTZ FACTORYBayan LepasRM 7,000,00020,000 SF42,013 SFFTZ phase 1 single semi-detached storey factory, basic facilities ready. Near airport. Suitable for electronic industries.
65150BUKIT MERTAJAM FACTORYBukit MertajamRM 1,400,0004,630 SF3,230 SFBandar Perda Timur Aseiania factory. Built-up area(Sq. Ft.):4,630 and Land area 38 x 85.
66894BUKIT MERTAJAM FACTORYBukit Mertajam2 SFWarehouse / Godown to let lease. Land area 1.9 acre. L 210ft X W 60ft X H 20ft. Jalan Bukit Tambun.
69578BUKIT MERTAJAM FACTORYBukit MertajamRM 3,800,0004,800 SF23,800 SFKawasan Industri Ringan 1.5 Storey Detached. Built Up Area 60 x 80. Land Area 23,809 sq ft.
73647BUKIT MINYAK FACTORYBukit MertajamRM 12,000,00092,000 SF78,408 SF
74576BATU KAWAN FACTORYBukit MinyakRM 4,600,000Factory with attached 2 storey office.
705551.5 STOREY FACTORYButterworthRM 1,030,0003,000 SF5,960 SF1.5 semi-dee storey factory permatang tinggi, light industry area, concrete wall.
686322 STOREY FACTORYButterworthRM 2,200,00012,000 SF25,000 SFbutterworth tasek mutiara factory built up 12k sqft land area 25k.
74171WAREHOUSEButterworthRM 2,300,00011,075 SF
36953ADORNA GOLDGeorgetownRM 400,000926 SFADORNA GOLD flatted factory with industrial lift. Suitable for small industries, wharehouse storage, etc.
63724ADORNA HEXAGONGeorgetownRM 7,500,00020,538 SFSuitable for commercial tenants that requires to operates 24/7 operations, high-tech firms, service call centres, etc
58659ADORNA HEXAGONGeorgetown2,167 SFadorna hexagon tech park. 2,167 sf suitable for small industry such as printing, capentry, storage, etc.
38444FACTORY FOR RENTGeorgetown2,200 SFsmall factory.
64839HEXAGON TECH PARKGeorgetownRM 368,075968 SF
64836HEXAGON TECH PARKGeorgetownRM 351,720925 SFjalan gurdwara
64841HEXAGON TECH PARKGeorgetownRM 368,220968 SF
75624HEXAGON TECH PARKGeorgetownRM 770,0002,146 SF
64838HEXAGON TECH PARKGeorgetownRM 351,720925 SF
64844HEXAGON TECH PARKGeorgetownRM 1,668,2304,390 SF
64840HEXAGON TECH PARKGeorgetownRM 850,4702,238 SF
64842HEXAGON TECH PARKGeorgetownRM 821,0002,163 SFHexagon Tech Park For Sales / To Rent
64843HEXAGON TECH PARKGeorgetownRM 302,734796 SF
69583FACTORY FOR SALEJelutong6,000 SF6000+ industrial area sungai pinang.
76374FACTORY FOR SALEJelutongRM 1,450,0002,000 SFSingle storey light industry at Georgeotwn Sungai Pinang, close to Tun Lim Chong Eu Expressway.
64865JELUTONG FACTORYJelutongRM 6,790,00011,131 SFland area 11,131.
76195TAMAN INDUSTRI MAKMURLunasRM 2,500,00013,000 SF26,000 SF
75895BUKIT PANCHOR LANDNibong Tebal80,000 SFBukit Panchor Industrial land. Freehold
75912PRAI FTZ FACTORYPraiRM 20,000,000126,008 SF139,926 SFPrai 1 Free Trade Zone factory. Kawasan Perusahaan Prai. Build-up 33,144sqft & 92,864sqft.
75426FACTORY FOR SALESeberang PeraiRM 9,600,000near autocitybro
73471FACTORY FOR SALESeberang PeraiRM 2,000,00010,500 SF1.5 storey factory
70641FACTORY FOR SALESeberang PeraiRM 4,200,0007,000 SF12,000 SFjuru iks factory for sale near juru Auto city. Land area 12,000sf.
67795FACTORY FOR SALESeberang PeraiRM 2,300,0004,800 SFJuru Light Industrial Park , new 1&1/2 Storey Semi-Dee factory.
56440FTZ FACTORYSeberang PeraiRM 5,000,00022,000 SF108,900 SFPrai free Industrial trade zone Detached factory Land area 2.55 acre. With sea view / penang bridge view. Rundown Need to rebuild. Leasehold expiring 2050.
76144PERMATANG TINGGI LANDSeberang PeraiRM 18,414,346460,358 SFIndustrial land in Permatang Tinggi
75767SEBERANG PERAI FACTORYSeberang PeraiRM 6,200,00026,400 SF45,000 SFBuilt up 26,400 sq feet.suitable for warehouse, factory, workshop, logistic industry and automotive.
66225SEBERANG PERAI FACTORYSeberang PeraiRM 20,000,000126,008 SF139,926 SFFTZ area. Factory Land area 139,926 sqft
73622PRAI WHAREHOUSESeberang PraiRM 55,000,000240,993 SFPrai industrail area.
73970JOHOR FACTORYSenaiRM 36,000,000150,000 SF435,600 SFFactory for sale at Senai Johor, 2 storey office block and single storey factory with high roof.
73972JOHOR LANDSenaiRM 30,000,0006 adjoining vacant industrial land for sale in johor senai. approx 30 acres.
734212 STOREY FACTORYSungai TiramRM 7,000,0008,773 SF9,838 SF2 Storey Factory for sale at Sungai Tiram
66355FACTORY FOR SALESungai bakapRM 1,400,0001 storey factory located at Valdor, Sungai Bakap.
72896BLT INDUSTRIES PARK almaRM 2,200,0004,800 SF8,300 SFBLT Industries Park, Alma
72897BLT INDUSTRIES PARK almaRM 2,200,0004,800 SF8,300 SFBLT Industries Park, Alma
73215BLT INDUSTRIES PARK almaRM 2,650,0003,600 SF9,567 SFBLT Industries Park, Alma. factory for rent Built up - 40x90.
73652BUKIT MINYAK FACTORYbukit minyak32,700 SF65,457 SF
64094BUKIT MINYAK FACTORYbukit minyakRM 1,500,0004,400 SF4,400 SF2 units light industrial factory butterworth bukit minyak.
73815BUKIT MINYAK FACTORYbukit minyakRM 5,000,0008,500 SF43,560 SF
62041FACTORY FOR SALEbukit minyakRM 3,600,00012,000 SFtangkas infinity Light industrial tangkas infinity. Land area: 50 x 120. Build up: 40 x 80
70903JURU FACTORYjuruRM 1,260,0006,600 SF2 storey semi detached industry bank valued 1.32 Million, selling 1.26 million below market value. Juru industrial park.
43017FACTORY FOR SALEkulimRM 550,00020,000 SFFactory and Industrial Land for sale. Size from 30,000 sf-100,000 sf. Built-up 20,000sf. Near Kulim Hi-Tech @RM 25 psf.
72211KULIM LANDkulimRM 6,098,400243,936 SFLight industry land. Free hold.
60344PARIT BUNTAR FACTORYperakRM 3,900,00059,664 SFParit buntar factory. Building 120' x 140' plus land 59,660 sq ft at industry area. Corner lot. Leasehold left 40 years.
73709PARIT BUNTAR FACTORYperakRM 20,000,000457,300 SFSungai Rawa factory with land 10.5 acre.
68419FACTORY FOR SALEpraiRM 2,750,0004,500 SF8,977 SFPrai New Semi-D Factory for sale near Juru Autocity. 1.5 storey.
69308JURU FACTORYseberang perai selatan
46779PRAI FACTORYseberang perai tengahRM 50,000,000487,873 SF196,020 SFBig factory include office space with separate entrance. Near Penang Bridge.
66979SUNGAI BAKAP FACTORYsungai bakap22,000 SF22,000 SF1.5 storey factory for rent. Land area total for 2 unit : 22,000sqf. Kawasan Perindustrian Valdor.
14494SUNGAI BAKAP FACTORYsungai bakapRM 4,500,00025,100 SF62,300 SF2 storey factory. Land 1.4 acre. l25,945 sq ft. Ceiling Height 23 ft. Near Bukit Tambun Toll.
71626SUNGAI PETANI FACTORYsungai petani177,518 SF301,474 SFTikam batu fctory to let lease. Leasehold 99 years.
70937TIKAM BATU FACTORYsungai petaniRM 8,000,00054,127 SF91,922 SFLand 28,018M2 and Build Up: 16,498M2. Centralize AirCon, Cooling tower, Chiller, Epoxy floor.