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Development land, Residential land, Housing land, Agriculture land, Industrial land, Estate land, Oil Palm plantation, etc.

Land in Penang for sale. Pulau Pinang Tanah utk dijual

Here you can find the latest list of land for sale in Penang Malaysia.

Land for sale in Penang Island, Butterworth, Seberang,  etc. Tanah untuk dijual di Pulau Pinang Seberang Perai, Malaysia.

Land size quoted are approximate estimates. Availability, pricing and value are subject to changes. 1 acre is equivalent to 43,560 square feet.

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Air Itam land for sale RM4,800,000

Balik Pulau land for sale RM8,782,059

Balik Pulau land for sale RM4,467,078

Balik Pulau land for sale RM4,853,942

Batu Ferringhi land for sale RM274,428,000

Batu Muang land for sale RM207,650,520

Bayan Lepas land for sale RM7,000,000

Bukit Mertajam land for sale RM3,180,000

Batu kawan land for sale

Bukit Minyak land for sale RM15,000,000

Gelugor Land for sale RM64,643,040

Georgetown land for sale

Tanjung Bungah Land for sale RM15,600,160

Teluk Kumbar land RM6,000,000

Kulim land for sale RM19,602,000

Kulim industrial land RM9,956,617

Kulim land RM217,800,000

Kulim land for sale RM46,421,021

Pulau Langkawi land for sale  RM2,450,000

Sungai Jawi land for sale RM14,120,000

Pulau Langkawi land for sale RM58,000,000

Sungai Petani land for sale RM7,605,576

Seberang Perai land for sale RM29,795,040

Industrial Property For sale

To  Inquire about Penang land for sale, please quote the location, property ID No. and your name & contact telephone. 


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