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Everyone wants a piece of Penang land. It's the only sure real estate investment. It can never depreciate like a car or a washing machine.

Land will double its value in ten years. In less than that. Land is going up every day.

It is a comfortable feeling to know that you stand on your own ground. Land is about the only thing that can't fly away ~ ANTHONY TROLLOPE

Here you can find list of land for sale in Penang.

id no. property location price for sale price p.s.f land acre land size (sf) property remark
56442 AIR ITAM LAND RM16,291,440 RM55.00 6.80 acres 296,208 bukit bendera
64664 AIR ITAM LAND RM13,368,300
1.02 acre
batu gantung development land
62572 AIR ITAM LAND RM3,780,000 RM270.00
14,000 near air itam wet market
63580 AIR ITAM LAND RM55,539,000 RM170.00 7.50 acres 326,700
63331 AIR ITAM LAND RM600,000 RM12.00 1.10 acre 47,916 Bungalow lot 1.1 acres land for bungalow resort, at hill top, access through air itam, a few plot available. cheap land for sale

padang tembak housing land

1.02 acre
batu gantung near turf club and penang race course
60107 AIR ITAM LAND RM22,198,000
2.8 acres
121,900 development land by main road. housing land
58978 AIR ITAM LAND RM2,350,000 RM279.00
53264 AIR ITAM LAND RM18.00 17.70 acres 784,080 farlim 1st grade, freehold land can do development, for sale at rm18 per sqft. 2nd layer
67251 Balik pulau land for sale RM4,853,942 RM38.00 2.93 acre 127,718 First Grade Flat land besides main road.
57697 BALIK PULAU RM4,880,000 RM6.00 17.00 acres 740,520 Beautiful hill land with a breathtaking view of Balik Pulau and its surrounding hills and sea. Plenty of Durian trees, electricity available. Suitable for bungalow. cheap land for sale.
63579 BALIK PULAU LAND RM41,817,000 RM59.00 16.00 acres 696,960 1st grade land

balik pulau
62743 BALIK PULAU LAND RM5,650,000 RM18.00 7.20 acres 313,630 BUKIT RELAU fruit estate 4 lots of land for sale @ RM18 per sq ft in balik pulau Land just behind relau town new market / foodcourt / bus stand
63798 BALIK PULAU LAND RM4,266,000 RM35.00 2.80 acres 121,000 1st Grade land Freehold Mainroad frontage. Potential for housing land
56570 BALIK PULAU LAND RM6,272,640 RM16.00 9.00 acres 392,040 agriculture land
64464 BALIK PULAU LAND RM1,950,000
13.00 acres
Titi Teras, Penang 13 acres Orchard 20% flat, 80% on slope
with clean stream Legal access Freehold
64392 BALIK PULAU LAND RM20,124,000 RM33.000
14.00 acres 609,000
62577 BALIK PULAU LAND RM5,559,000 RM17.00 7.50 326,700 durian estate 300m above sea level, panaromic view, ideal for holiday resort. -Freehold land
63755 BALIK PULAU LAND RM2,195,000 RM27.00 1.80 78,408 sungai rusa agriculture flat land

2.59 112,820 Pulau Betong 2 adjoining lots for sale
54711 balik pulau land   RM22.00 0.41 acre 17,932 river side land. 5km away pulau, outskrit 0.8 km small road, near small river, can rear fish or build house etc..
64131 BALIK PULAU LAND RM52,000,000
Nice land at Air Putih,ukim 4, Balik Pulau, Penang. Already got existing excess road
49838 BALIK PULAU LAND RM3,300,000 RM20.00 3.80 165,000 land for sale near botanical project. rectangular shape, near river, already set back
60104 BALIK PULAU LAND RM7,805,000 RM28.00
278,700 6.4 acre sell 28psf

31 31 acres balik pulau seaivew land for sale. next to Taman air putih and taman botanic
60504 BALIK PULAU LAND RM3,886,000 RM58.00 1.56 acre 67,000 1.56 acrea, by the road approx. 67,900sf
22591 BALIK PULAU LAND RM3,950,000 RM23.00 3.90 acres 169,000 350m from seaside. Nice resort environment
61589 BALIK PULAU LAND RM45.00 1.07 acre 46,600 1st grade vacant land, road frontage rm45psf
35290 BALIK PULAU LAND RM18,147,967 RM37.00 11.26 479,100 orchard land with stream
60405 BALIK PULAU LAND RM56,000,000 RM110.00 12.00 509,000 Grade 'A' land in Balik Pulau for sale urgently. Flat land in pondok upih. Near school and rapid penang terminal. Walking distance to pekan balik pulau, where all the goverment office and banks are located. Rm 110/sqft.
64462 BALIK PULAU LAND RM8.00 2.80 121,900 Pulau Betong Mainroad frontage, 1st Grade land, Freehold. Potential for housing RM 8.50 p.s.f.
Mainroad frontage 1st Grade land Freehold Potential for housing
RM 8.50 p.s.f.
60103 BALIK PULAU LAND RM4,356,000 RM40.00 2.50 108,900
39,000 148 x 255 land by the river
56154 BALIK PULAU LAND RM1,400,000 RM70.00 0.46 19,888 land for sale
61687 BALIK PULAU LAND RM3,685,000 RM17.00 4.70 204,732 4.7acre agriculture, vacant flat land permatang pasir
1.5km from main road through mini tar road, currently coconut trees n bushes. Cheap land RM18.00 psf
61686 BALIK PULAU LAND RM2,880,000 RM72.00 1 acre
40,000 land with single storey bungalow, size 1 acre
53374 BALIK PULAU LAND RM15,000,000 RM29.00 11.80 517,241 balik pulau cheap land
58470 BALIK PULAU LAND RM1,955,900 RM40.00
48,898 flat land near road 3 min. walk to pekan genting near ta tong primary school
59890 BALIK PULAU LAND RM3,920,000 RM14.00 6.00 acres 261,360 agriculture land 6 acres. RM15psf
55796 BALIK PULAU LAND RM6,944,000 RM112.00 1.42 acre 62,000 tun sardon development land 62,000 sq ft @ rm40.00 psf
66307 BATU FERRINGHI LAND RM50,000,000 RM73.00 15.6 acres 679,970  
63809 BATU FERRINGHI LAND RM8,000,000 RM186.00 1.00 acre 43,000 1 acre Freehold 1st Grade commercial. Approved for 180 room- Budget hotel 1 basement carpark
56460 BATU FERRINGHI LAND RM28,000,000 RM350.00 1.83 80,000 flat land by the sea
50497 BATU FERRINGHI LAND RM50,000,000 RM73.00 15.61 679,928 Development land in Batu Feringghi 15.609acre. RM50,000,000.00 (RM73.54/sft)
60660 BATU FERRINGHI LAND RM62,730,000 RM160.00 9.00 392,040 close to international school, uphill then flat.
34542 BATU FERRINGHI LAND RM23,234,000 RM60.00 8.89 387,200 Land 2 km from hard rock hotel / TAR college. Durian estate with seaview. Hilly 200-500 feet. Fruit estate with durian, mangosteen and long kong. RM60.000psf
51213 BATU FERRINGHI LAND RM48,750,000
Freehold Commercial Land for sale. Land area approx. 195,000 square feet
64662 BEACH LAND FOR SALE RM62,000,000 RM511.00 2.78 121,277 This 2.784 acres batu ferringhi land is for sale. It is located exactly at the beach front. Batu Ferringhi is Penang’s grade A tourist hot-spot.
63860 BATU FERRINGHI LAND RM10,900,000 RM180.00 1.39 60,500 1.39 acres Freehold 1st Grade land RM 180 p.s.f. There is a small stream running across the land. This property is suitable for resort or hotel development

7,700 "happy mountain" around 7,700sqft building land with approval plan, sea facing, quiet location.
64663 BATU FERRINGHI LAND RM51,633,000 RM279.00 4.23 184,405 located at tourist hot-spot with great beach and sea view. The land is near to the Shangri-la’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, and is also near to The International School of Penang (Uplands). With Frontal Road & Proper Development Access
60108 PENANG LAND FOR SALE RM149,471,000 RM104.00 32.68 1,423,540 batu ferringhi 32 acres land for sale rm105.00psf near hotels and beach
34360 BATU FERRINGHI LAND RM57,385,000 RM139.00 9.41 410,000 No access road. Location near international school
37463 BATU FERRINGHI LAND RM23,000,000 RM168.00 3.14 136,778 development land with proposed plan for 47 units of Super Condo Service Apartment with sea view near international school. Suitable for residential, tourism, etc
63795 BATU MAUNG LAND RM12,349,000 RM63.00 4.50 196,000 Adjoining Prestigious Development RM 63 p.s.f. near mahsing project
64566 BATU MAUNG LAND RM38,000,000 RM379.00 2.30 100,180 Agriculture land. Suitable for development.
64460 BATU MAUNG LAND RM12,349,000 RM63.00 4.50 196,000 Penang Island Batu Maung 4.5 acres. Adjoining Prestigious Development RM 63 p.s.f.
60791 BATU MAUNG LAND RM1,300,000 RM260.00 0.12 5,000 near to 2nd bridge,airport n southbay city mall. only for serius buyer
58446 BATU MAUNG LAND RM15,286,450 RM95.00 3.60 160,910 Flat land for sale within 2km radius frm pg 2nd bridge. Close to main road & surrounded wth small hill as the back drop.Very ideal for residential project. only serious buyer
46700 BATU MAUNG LAND RM20,943,616 RM32.00 15.02 654,488 teluk tempoyak
60439 BATU MAUNG LAND RM250.00
5,000 batu maung development land
61023 BATU MAUNG LAND RM68,000,000 RM250.00 6.30 271,000 6.3 acres Freehold land at Batu Maung URGENTLY FOR SALE at RM250 psf. Near 2nd penang bridge . Seaview
61301 BATU MAUNG LAND RM5,030,000 RM130.00
38,690 first grade land
63638 BATU MUANG LAND RM2,600,000

batu maung industrial land for sale
63627 BATU MUANG LAND RM203,730,000 RM300.00 15.59 679,100 Development land for sale 15 acres near southbay city
60329 BAYAN LEPAS LAND RM6,000,000 RM76.00 1.80 78,000 bayan lepas land 1.8 acres. 1st layer. neigbour unit converted to commercial title
58438 BAYAN LEPAS LAND RM19,500,000 RM178.00
109,426 2.5 acres industrial land with building for sale in Bayan Lepas Industrial Park, Penang. Leasehold (2062) Land Area: 10,166 sq Meters
60077 BAYAN LEPAS LAND RM12,400,000 RM379.00
32,636 First grade land
65265 BAYAN LEPAS LAND RM360.00 1.70 74,000 Free hold first grade land

13,612 sungai batu beach land for sale
65281 GELUGOR LAND RM3,300,000 RM445.00
7,400 gelugor land for sale with approve plan for 2 semi dee house. Near USM
60438 GELUGOR LAND RM62,726,400
land in gelugor suitable to build bangalow
62307 GEORGETOWN LAND RM26,520,000

land in georgetown with existing bangalow
58313 GEORGETOWN LAND RM1,500,000 RM391.00
3,830 land near GH
64973 GEORGETOWN LAND RM4,000,000

2 storey old and rundown building, land can park 6 lorry, with fence. georgetown.
61695 GEORGETOWN LAND RM7,200,000

1 unit b'glow and 3 storey building with 9 units (3 units each floor) on land for sale
59054 GEORGETOWN LAND RM1,500,000 RM309.00
4,850 georgetown free hold residential land
64540 GEORGETOWN LAND RM1,680,000

development land in town location
19652 GEORGETOWN LAND RM38,447,720 RM920.00 0.96 acre 41,791 41,791sf First grade flat land in the heart of Georgetown near komtar with commercial potential

suitable for warehouse, store or private residence house per sqft rm180
62026 GEORGETOWN LAND RM10,320,000 RM430.00 0.55 acre 24,000 georgetown vacant land
60579 GEORGETOWN LAND RM10,000,000

This FIRST grade piece of land has been proposed 5 storey budget hotel (48 rooms)
64687 GEORGETOWN LAND RM11,000,000 RM2,143.00
5,132 Land for sale located in the heart of Georgetown
61741 GEORGETOWN LAND RM5,500,000 RM637.00
8,628 freehold land near penang turf club facing main road
63229 GEORGETOWN LAND RM29,074,500 RM1,300.00
22,365 georgetown land for development

1st grade commercial land suitable for hotel or hostel
64659 GEORGETOWN LAND RM105,524,400
2.02 acre
land for sale
56131 GEORGETOWN LAND RM10,000,000 RM1,948.00
5,132 This piece of commercial land has been proposed 5 storey budget hotel (48 rooms) with Sub Basement Car Park. Built-up 21,714. land 5,132

0.52 23,000 commecial land for sale

land for lease to let
61463 GEORGETOWN LAND RM13,722,400 RM850.00
16,144 georgetown
65498 GEORGETOWN LAND RM12,470,000 RM430.00
29,000 development land town location
Gertak Sanggul, Penang 2.5 acres 1st Grade Development land
Freehold Sea-Front RM 2.4 million
63820 Cheap estate land for sale RM2,600,000
teluk kumbar gertak sanggul 5 & 3 quarter acres, Durian Estate. 1 km tar rd. hill land. Slight steep facing sea. cheap estate land for sale.

1.14 50,000 industrial land 50,000 sq feet suitable for car auto service centre. Land to let
26265 JELUTONG LAND RM6,240,000 RM481.00 0.30 12,972 sungai pinang land suitable for commercial or light industrial
56461 JELUTONG LAND RM500.00 1.14 50,000 suitable for industiral
64660 JELUTONG LAND RM35,209,500
jelutong development land
43824 greenlane land for sale RM10,975,860 RM420.00 0.59 26,133 26,000 sq feet development land. Prime flat land by roadside
49781 teluk kumbar LAND FOR SALE RM26,048,000 RM46.00 13.00 566,200 facing sea near Tanjung Asam recreational sandy beach. Suitable for countryside development
55197 sungai ara LAND FOR SALE RM12,750,000 RM17.00 17.21 749,667 Freehold Land with existing rubber estate. Near to the Jelutong and Bayan Lepas Expressway, Penang Bridge. Cheap land for sale. No direct access road
64666 LAND FOR SALE RM13,586,140

49066 LAND FOR SALE RM14,865,000 RM35.00 9.75 424,710 balik pulau
58064 PAYA TERUBONG RM70,000,000 RM68.00 23.51 1,024,096 3 lots together together totalling 20 acres
65188 PAYA TERUBONG LAND RM1,400,000 RM329.00
4,250 4,250sqft, located at happy valley air itam
62742 PAYA TERUBONG LAND RM20,000,000 RM49.00 9.20 400,700 For sale grade A piece of land with nice view of the Georgetown city and Penang second bridge.

80,000 paya terubong first grade development land
65189 PAYA TERUBONG LAND RM1,400,000 RM224.00
53526 PEARL HILL LAND RM4,250,000 RM170.00
25,000 bangalow land with nice sea view
64472 PEARL HILL LAND RM9,250,000 RM185.00
50,000 Penang Island PEARL HILL Fantastic Panoramic View. 50,000 s.f
56093 PEARL HILL LAND RM9,000,000

next to existing bungalow, spectacular seaview
1719 PEARL HILL LAND RM10,000,000 RM197.00 1.10 50,600 pearl hill land. 50,000sf suitable for residential bungalow lot. Excellent view, good feng shi. Freehold
55047 PEARL HILL LAND RM3,999,000 RM179.00 0.51 22,217 22,000 Sq ft Land in Pearl Hill with view for sale
56033 PEARL HILL LAND RM4,620,000 RM140.00 0.75 33,000 bangalow land with seaview
40202 PEARL HILL LAND RM5,000,000 RM327.00 0.35 15,246 pearl hill bungalow plot suitable for bangalow with view. Approx. 80% flat land
28259 PEARL HILL LAND RM4,222,000 RM250.00 0.39 16,888 hill land with panoramic seaview suitable for bangalow, flat land
53481 PEARL HILL LAND RM4,739,260 RM170.00 0.64 27,878 suitable for bangalow with Nice sea view
64790 PENANG HILL LAND RM22,000,000
selling at 2 million per acre
64658 PUALU TIKUS RM17,611,308
pulau tikus oland
55222 PULAU TIKUS LAND RM4,500,000 RM598.00 0.17 7,523 bungalow land for sale near Adventist hospital
64805 PULAU TIKUS LAND RM7,500,000 RM750.00
10,000 Strategically located, near Gurney Drive & Georgetown. Land area 10,000 sqf ( 0.22 Acres )

3.00 130,680 pulau tikus
53110 PULAU TIKUS LAND RM1,682,400 RM300.00 0.12 5,608 pulau tikus
52787 PULAU TIKUS LAND RM19,730,000 RM500.00 0.90 39,460 prime development land suitable for residential
36090 batu maung QUARRY LAND RM26,136,000 RM100.00 6.00 261,300 Free hold Quarry land for sale near Batu Maung @ Rm33 psf
64459 RELAU LAND RM35.000 6.7 ACRE 291,850 relau land suitable for housing. Only 8 km from Penang Bridge Near to Housing scheme SP setia
63577 SUNGAI ARA LAND RM14,723,000 RM259.00 1.30 56,628 sungai ara residential land 1st grade proposed for 30 storey condo
48706 SUNGAI ARA LAND RM14.50 9.31 405,543 agriculture estate land curently rubber, durian
40311 SUNGAI ARA LAND RM45,868,580 RM13.00 81.00 acres 3,528,300 quite hilly with good views
61678 SUNGAI DUA LAND RM14,800,000 RM169.00 2.00 87,120 land near USM. Status agriculture
64520 TANJUNG BUNGAH LAND RM4,000,000 RM200.00
20,000 hill land bungalow plot potential to build 2 bungalows. seaview panaromic
53527 TANJUNG BUNGAH LAND RM5,950,000 RM170.00
35,000 BANGALOW LOT Pearl hill land, suitable for bangalow with Nice sea view

5,640 residential plot ready to buit. Next to existing housing project.

3,488 land for sale. residential plot ready to buit. Next to existing housing project.
61255 TANJUNG BUNGAH LAND RM7,500,000 RM500.00
56464 TANJUNG TOKONG LAND RM5,200,000 RM363.00 0.32 14,300 Main Road commercial land. Suitable to build show room or F&B business. Walking distance to Tesco And Island Plaza

26606 TANJUNG TOKONG LAND RM15,420,240 RM299.00 1.18 51,483 Development land Price without vacant possession - geran first grade
56566 TELUK BAHANG LAND RM78,928,000 RM260.00 6.97 303,569 geran mukim
2281 TELUK BAHANG LAND RM10,000,000 RM11.00 20.00 871,200 fruit estate land near Butterfly Farm. Currently Agriculture, hilly land
26605 TELUK BAHANG LAND RM18,000,000 RM12.00 32.93 1,434,736 titi kerawang hill land - terrian hilly and very rocky. interim title
67252 Penang teluk kumbar land for sale RM31,430,500 RM55.00 10 acres 452,588 Land In Tanjung Asam, Teluk Kumbar For Sale. Land Area - 10.39 Acres
31894 TELUK KUMBAR LAND RM16,923,000 RM30.00 12.95 564,100 gertak sanggul subject land enjoys a panoramic view of the straits of Malacca
very rocky
67309 TELUK KUMBAR LAND RM6,700,000       tanah untuk dijual teluk kumbar
40898 TELUK KUMBAR LAND RM43,460,000 RM35.00 28.50 1,241,460 Teluk kumbar DEVELOPMENT land accessible from main steep road.

teluk kumbar next to park freehold for condo
55149 teluk kumbar land RM43.00 6.35 276,867 sungai batu
63790 TELUK KUMBAR LAND RM25,000,000 RM44.00 13.12 565,000 Behind the lot is the beach. nice spot for development.RM 44 per square feet


9 teluk kumbar 9.406 acrea
44941 TELUK KUMBAR LAND RM40.00 0.70 30,492 vacant flat land long shape. Freehold KAMPONG LAND

182.00 792,790 development land. Terrain: flat and undulating with gentle slope rm18.00 psf
62472 TELUK KUMBAR LAND RM8,495,000 RM15.00
penang gertak sanggul cheap land for sale
62237 TELUK KUMBAR LAND RM20,000,000 RM35.00 13.00 565,000 nice environment, close to the seaside. Good location for resort, holiday home, can also develop as residential area (Quiet, nice and fresh air). Near to second bridge link.
60106 TELUK KUMBAR LAND RM26,528,000 RM70.00
378,900 main road frontage land for sale

agriculture empty land 21' by the road
64945 TELUK KUMBAR LAND RM29,289,000 RM155.00 4.34 188,963 Development land. First Grade Freehold. Suitable for Residential, Industrial & etc. Permatang Damar Laut.
39793 TELUK KUMBAR LAND RM4,500,000 RM36.00 2.81 122,103 Development land nearby pekan. Not the flat land

1 acre is equivalent to 43,560 square feet. Land size quoted are approximate estimates. Availability, pricing and value are subject to changes.

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